Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope 2016 treated you well. It was an amazing year for us, both personally and professionally. While in 2015 we welcomed our baby boy, we got to watch him reach all his first year milestones in 2016. We also saw our daughter become such an amazing big sister. We were filled with so much love, good health, family, and much happiness. Nataly Lemus Photography was blessed with many couples and families that allowed us to photographed them and so many referrals from past clients.  It was our busiest year, ever, and we are so happy about it and feel so blessed. We are honored that so many of you love our work so much that you share our work with your family and friends. It truly means so much to us. Thank you to everyone who made an impact in our year, whether we photographed you, you referred us, you left a comment, it all means a lot to us! We wish you the very best in 2017 and we hope you continue to follow our work. Much Love from our family to yous! ~ Nataly

Nataly Lemus Photography - Husband + Wife Photography Team
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