Monday, November 7, 2016

On Our 10 Year Anniversary...A Note to Ourselves

A note to that very young couple who got married 10 years ago and even at a young age were already totally devoted to each other. The couple who met as kids in jr high and grew up together. The couple who against all odds made it past just high school sweethearts to husband and wife. Marriage won't be easy and life will definitely not be easy, but there will be lots of love. Learning to live with each other and be married will bring lots of happiness and laughter to your home. You'll be so ecstatic as you slowly make your apartment into a home. It won't be easy being young and married but it'll make you value the little things. You'll have stories to tell of how you slowly filled up your home with furniture, like scoring the only cheap tv available on Black Friday and paying with the very first money you saved as a married couple, which isn't a lot but at the time will feel like a fortune. You'll go from sitting on foldable chairs in your living room to your very first set of sofas and you will feel like such grown ups.

You'll love having your best friend right next to you every night and having long talks into the wee hours about everything and nothing. 

You'll learn that with getting married young there will be a lot of growth and changes as time passes. Some of the changes will bring fights but others will knit your bond even tighter. Sometimes there will be dumb fights like who ate the last oreo but there will also be serious arguments over things that matter like what the future holds. When you marry young you are not always the most mature but you'll mature together and you will love how the other has evolved. You'll be proud of each others strengths and achievements. You'll learn that the other one's happiness brings you more happiness than you ever imagined possible. 

There will be hard times. There will be dark times. There will be tears. You'll sit at the edge of the bed, side by side, with your heads resting on each other, in silence trying to make sense of things. Through it all, you'll lift each other up. You will learn that even in the darkest of moments, as long as you are together, things will be better. The dark times will make the best of times even sweeter. 

Yes, marriage won't be exactly what you expected but it will be a lot more than you could have ever hoped for. You will do things your way and at your time and you'll be glad. You'll have the type of bond that is built on years of dedication and love.

There will be many celebrations. You will add to your family. I say add because you will firmly know that even before babies you were already a family of two and you took the time to solidify that bond and nurture your marriage. Your babies will take your bond to a whole other level. One that you never could have imagined until you live it. You'll love seeing the other one become this new person...a mom...a dad. You'll know each other's happiness just by looking into each other's eyes. You'll love the moments when it's just the two of you but you'll enjoy the chaos AND love that babies bring to a home even more. You'll value all the effort you put into building a life together. 

When you think you couldn't be any closer, you will learn that you need the other more than anyone else and more than ever.
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