Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oviatt Penthouse Wedding

Adriana & Henry ~ Married!
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Oviatt Penthouse
Downtown Los Angeles, California

I couldn't wait to blog this wedding for so many reasons! For one, Adriana told me over 2 years ago that when her and her (then) boyfriend got married, Art and I had to be her photographers. The other reason being that she is an amazing friend to one of my amazing friends that is family to us. So when I get the message saying she was engaged and wanted us to be her photographers, I was as happy as I would be for any of my friends! A lot of it has to do with Adriana being one of the sweetest people you will meet and it's so infectious. That's the type of person you want to be around :) So of course, both Art and I were so happy to photograph Henry and Adriana's big day. 

Henry and Adriana chose downtown LA as the backdrop to their beautiful and intimate wedding because that's where they spend many dates at and, let's face it, it's just a beautiful place to celebrate and have fun! They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception, filled with just the closest of friends and family. One thing I love about small weddings like that is that you can really feel the love from the guests towards the couple.

Here are just some of our favorite photos! 

Ceremony time!

Look how in love Adriana look while looking at her soon to be Mr.

My view

Art's view

Gorgeous bride!

Reception time!

I had to include some father/daughter dance photos because this papa just looked so happy and proud!

Art got this photo of Adriana's mom while they danced and it made me so emotional when Art showed it to me. As a mom, I can totally put myself in her position and can understand the bittersweet feeling.


Look at that view!

That's a wrap!

Nataly Lemus Photography
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Michelle said...

Love everything about this post! Beautiful couple and backdrop of Los Angeles. We almost had our wedding there but it was too small for our family. Such a beautiful venue!! Like always...beautiful work Nataly and art!!

Hope at Disneyland said...

We peeked inside this venue on a walk earlier this year and it is stunning! I've always wondered where the "LOVE" sign was and now that I know it's here, that's double the reason to get dressed up and go here on a date night. :) Anyway, the bride's dress and veil = *swoon* I wasn't a veil bride, but IF I had to be one, it was going to be something like that. She looks lovely! I also thought the picture of the Mom crying was so sweet. It looked like such a fun day. Thanks for sharing the photos! :D

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