Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Los Angeles Child Photography

"Little Man in the City"
Child Photography ~ Birthday Session
Arts District ~ Los Angeles, California

It's that time again! Time to share photos of our Godson <3 He's about to be two years old! The bigger he is, the more energy he gets. He was literally running away from me for most of the session, but I was able to get some amazing shots in between the running. We went with a little man in the city theme. He was way stylish, if you ask me! Happy to share these with you!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pasadena Maternity Session

Mandy & Greg ~ Expecting!
Pasadena, California

Art and I photographed a maternity session at one of our all time favorite locations. I was happy Mandy and Greg went with this spot because the light was magical the day of their session. I'm not even exaggerating. It was beautiful! Mandy and Greg are expecting a baby girl so, of course, since we have a baby girl, I felt super happy to talk pregnancy and babies. Now that Art and I are parents we truly feel like we have a common bond with other parents. I love photographing maternity session and family sessions because I see them in a different light now. I see them through the eyes of another mother. It's no longer just my photographer side, there's way more to it. I think what would I want to see hanging on my wall, what makes a parent's heart feel happy, what will a child appreciate when they are older. There's so much more to it.

Mandy looked so beautiful and was totally glowing, while Greg looked like a proud papa to be. We really enjoyed photographing them and chatting about their experiences while expecting. Here is Mandy and Greg's session. I posted just a few of my favorite images but I am so in love with all of them!

Behind the scene...Art is not just a photographer, he is also director of props :P

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mount Baldy Engagement Session

Lydia & Robert ~ Engaged!
Mount Baldy, CA ~ San Bernardino County

When I first met with Lydia and Robert they knew for sure they wanted an outdoorsy engagement session with lots of trees. The difficult part was finding a location, especially with this drought we're having. Everywhere you see it's pretty dry and lacks green. Robert and Lydia went on a hunt for the perfect spot and they found just that. I am so happy they had us come up to Mt Baldy because it was so beautiful, full of tall trees, greenery, and hidden gems. They found a small town where everyone seemed so happy to let us use their property for photos. If you're a photographer, you know that doesn't happen often! The area where we started the session is actually a residential area full of cabins but it almost felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The mosquitoes that kept attacking us also were a reminder that we were in the great outdoors!

We loved photographing Robert and Lydia. It's always so much fun getting to know our couples prior to their wedding. You really learn a lot about them and vice versa. It also helps put the couple at ease and on the day of their wedding I can guarantee it's no big deal to have two photographers photographing them because it's just Nat and Art.

Just as a side note, from these photos you can't tell but a few weeks before their engagement session Lydia fractured her toe. We had to reschedule to a later date to give her toe some time to heal. It was still not 100% but she never complained. Robert also helped a lot by carrying her when we had to walk a lot or go up a hill. It was so sweet to watch how much they love each other and take care of each other. You can tell that the love they have for each other is strengthen by the love they have for God and there is nothing stronger than that. Art and I can't wait to photograph their wedding next month! For now, here's some of our favorite pictures from their e-session.

Can you believe this is a walkway to a home? The owner was nice enough to let us use it and I am so happy he did because it's beautiful! He even wanted to move a car for us! I'm telling you, the people in this town were super nice!

I love the photo shows little but says so much.

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