Thursday, June 27, 2013

Downtown Los Angeles Night Engagement Session

Gerolyn & Brian ~ Engaged!
Downtown LA

At the beginning of the year I received an inquiry and in the "who referred you" area it said "photographer friend". Well, I figured one of our photographer friends referred this couple and figured I'd ask who it was when we met with the couple. So fast forward to the day we meet with the couple, we see them walking towards and the groom-to-be gives Art a big hug. Art looked taken aback because grooms are usually not that friendly :P but we soon realized that the photographer friend they mentioned was Art! You see, Brian (the groom to be) is a childhood friend of Art's. They lost touch as the years passed and they hadn't seen each other in a long while, but somehow they found us. I also met Brian when we were younger and the last time I saw him we were probably about 15 or 16. It's crazy how time flies! Now he's engaged to a beautiful woman and will be getting married very soon! The best part for us? We get to photograph their wedding!

We also got to photograph their engagement session. They wanted to use the Downtown Los Angeles skyline as their backdrop and they also wanted a night session. Even though we've done a few sessions here, I loved the idea they had to use the city where they grew up and, of course, I am biased since this is our city too. I love the city lights theme. Like I mentioned, we've done other night engagement sessions here (You can check one of my faves by clicking HERE), but Brian and Gerolyn wanted more of an off camera lighting look. I loved how the images came out. I hope we have done justice to what they envisioned.

We started early to be able to get some day shots and they could have some diversity. Here are some of our faves.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1 Year Birthday Cake Smash Session

Cake Smash Session
Los Angeles, CA

This next session had me "awwwwwwwww"-ing throughout the whole editing and blogging process! When you see the images you will understand why! This little princess is just too cute! You may remember her from one of our holiday sessions last December. If you haven't seen that post, you can click HERE.

We had the privilege of photographing her again, but this time for her first birthday. Of course there had to be a cake smashing in there. So far, most of the kids we've photographed have cried or not been interested in the cake. Not this little one! As soon as mom put the cake out she went straight to it. We had to hold her back to make sure I could get a few pictures of the cake. We came to the conclusion that dad has been feeding her cake so she was no stranger to it :P

Family and child photography is so special to me for many reasons. For one, I think children from my era 80's & 90's did not have many professional photos (Sears does not count) and if they did it was not photos like nowadays. You get to see the children in their element. I truly wish I had photos like this of me, my sister, and our family. Not to mention they are so much fun to photograph! Every time I do one of these sessions my heart stays so happy for the rest of the day.

Okay, time to unleash all this cuteness on you! Happy Wednesday!

You may have seen that she had a Radio Flyer cart for her other session. Well, now she also has the one above that is way smaller and is meant to be a walker. I thought it was so cute that she jumped right in it as soon as we placed it for her. Mom and Dad said that now that she's walking she does it all the time at home.

Now time for cake! She truly enjoyed this part and we thought it was the cutest and funniest thing to watch! Her mom baked the cake and put a surprise in the middle for this little cutie. She loves blueberries and it had a lot of those to keep her going back for more, as you will see :)


I think she found the blueberries!


At the end of the session, I couldn't help but pick up this little cutie! She totally melts my heart!

Renee & Patrick: Once again, thank you for letting us take part in documenting the moments with your family that you want to cherish and never forget. We know how special that is and we put 100% of ourselves into making sure we capture memories that we would be proud to hang on our walls, because we want you to feel the same way. We truly appreciate being a part of capturing those special memories and genuinely enjoy every part of it. We had so much fun hanging with you guys and watching baby H being so adorable! We can't wait to photograph more of those moments for you! Hugs! xoxo, Nat Nataly Lemus Photography, child photographer, 1 Year Birthday Cake Smashing Session, first birthday, baby photos, pictures, family, children, bday, b-day, blog, birthday girl
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake Smash Session Preview

I can't wait to share this one year birthday cake smash session! This little cutie was not shy to dig in!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Los Angeles Wedding

Amanda & Max ~ Married
St. Timothy Catholic Church
Los Angeles, CA

Amanda and Max had a beautiful wedding in Los Angeles. I loved all the details Amanda put into their backyard reception. She chose a purple and aqua theme that was so vibrant and made everything look beautiful. I have to say that my favorite part of their wedding though was their ceremony. Their priest made it so sweet and personal. Max and Amanda love all things Disney and wanted to play some Disney songs throughout their ceremony but the church was not okay with it even though the priest was. I thought it was so cool that he decided to use some of the lyrics of famous Disney songs throughout his sermon. You could tell he knew Max and Amanda really well and truly wanted to make their ceremony special. Flying him out to Los Angeles was probably the best decision they could have made because it made their wedding so special!

Let's start with a candid photo that I love because it shows the seriousness of marriage and the role that God plays in their life and wedding <3

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Amanda & Max: Thank you so, so, so much for letting us be a part of your day and for being so sweet with us. We loved photographing you and your beautiful family and friends. I can't wait to share all the photos with you! xoxo, Nat

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fantasea Yacht Club Wedding

Jennifer & Gabriel ~ Married!
Marina Del Rey Hotel ~ Ceremony
Fantasea Yacht Club ~ Wedding Reception

Jennifer and Gabriel had their beautiful wedding in Marina Del Rey. Their ceremony was so touching and full of love, but that's to be expected of a couple who is full of love and kindness to each other and others. Art and I loved photographing their wedding and I am so happy to share some of their wedding photos with you.

If you want to check out their engagement session, you can click HERE.

Marina Del Rey Hotel Wedding

Marina Del Rey Hotel Wedding

Marina Del Rey Hotel Wedding

Ceremony time!

Marina Del Rey Hotel Wedding Photography

What a beautiful candid moment captured during the ceremony.

Marina Del Rey Hotel Ceremony

I don't know what it is about Art and Marina Del Rey, but somehow he always gets a friendly stranger to offer up his/her yacht for some wedding shots!

Marina Del Rey Yacht Wedding

Marina Del Rey Yacht Wedding

Marina Del Rey Wedding Photographer

Marina Del Rey Wedding Photographer

Reception time!

Fantasea Yacht Club Wedding

Fantasea Yacht Club Wedding Reception

You know how much I love sweet moments during the father/daughter dance. There's something so tender about a dad letting his emotions show <3

Fantasea Yacht Club Wedding Reception Photos

I love this grand exit with sparklers!

Marina Del Rey Wedding

Now, behind the scene:

Fantasea Yacht Club Wedding

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