Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trails of Glitter

There's a new blog in town! For years now I have wanted to start a new blog so I could have a separate outlet to put down my random thoughts. As much as I would like to do that here often, I find it hard to do so. I feel like people come here strictly for our professional photography and that's what I want to give you. I will still include some personal posts because I do think it gives potential clients a feeling for who we are, but random posts will be done on the new blog. I'm so happy that I finally had Art put something together for me. All I said was "I want it to be glittery and pink, my two loves." I love how it came out, especially in such a short time.

The name of the blog is Trails of Glitter. If you know me in person, then you know I love, love, love anything with glitter. You could give me some Crocs covered in glitter and I would automatically think they are the most beautiful things ever! Really, I'm not playing. I guess you can say I am obsessed with glitter & sparkle, and, really, anything super girly. After all, I'm just a girl :) Too bad Art is not into my glitter obsession. As a matter of fact, I'm starting to think he has a phobia of glitter. This past Christmas season I added to my Christmas decoration and, of course, most of the things were covered in glitter. Somehow it would always end up getting on Art :P He literally cringes when any of it gets on him. Anyway, after I was all done decorating, Art noticed I had left trails of glitter everywhere. When he pointed it out it stayed in my head. I like the idea of leaving trails of glitter wherever I go. Imagine, the world would be even prettier and fun. At least to me it would be. To Art, not really. Anyway, that's how the name for the blog came up. I wanted something that described me and my likes, something personal.

The blog is not going to be anything serious or full of deep issues. Quite the contrary. It will probably be full of mundane stuff, like To be honest, I don't really have a specific direction where I'm headed with this blog. It really will just be about anything and everything I personally find interesting, including personal photography. It might get annoyingly "girly" and it might be full of smiley faces and exclamation points, but hey, that happens here, too! <----- See! :) I will also include wedding related posts that I think might be helpful or inspiring. I'm telling you, there will probably be a little bit of everything.

If only one of you reads it, I will be a happy girl, but really I just wanted a separate blog to start as a personal hobby, even if nobody reads. Sometimes it's nice to have that personal time to just write (or in this case, type) about the simple things in life. I hope you join me there too and maybe leave a little blog love. It will really make my day!

Check out the blog by going to or click HERE.

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Hope at Disneyland said...

I'll follow the trails of glitter. It's like pixie dust and you know I LOVE pixie dust! :)

Nat L said...

Thanks Hope! So true, it's very much like pixie dust! Now I want to watch Peter Pan! :)

Hope at Disneyland said...

You totally should! We watched them all two weeks ago along with the Tink movies. Every now and then it's nice to remember not to grow up. :)

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