Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Under The Weather

In keeping up with Nataly's resolution to have a new blog post up every weekday in December, I (her husband Art)decided to blog on her behalf. If you follow the Nataly Lemus Photography Blog I'm pretty sure that Nataly has mentioned me on here once or twice. Nataly has the flu and I am practically making her take a day off so she can rest and feel better soon. I need my happy and healthy wife. I'm making sure she's warm, well fed, and comfortable.

Since Nataly says a blog post is no good without an image, here's what she's been having me give her all day. Keep warm everyone.

Nataly Lemus Photography

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Daisy said...

Feel better Nat! Sometimes it's a must to get some rest. Looks like Art is taking good care of you. Feel better soon xxoo

Hope at Disneyland said...

HI ART!!!! :)

I hope Nataly feels better soon. Don't forget: vaporub works wonders! ;)

I love how you've added more images of the two of you together to your blog header. I hope you'll take more turns on here in the new year. *hugs*

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