Monday, October 8, 2012

Venice Beach Engagement Session Photos

Nataly Lemus Photography reviews Los Angeles wedding photographer

Today I have a Venice Beach engagement session to share with you. Flora and Dave are from Canada but they came down to California on vacation and we were able to do their e-session. They are one of the sweetest couples ever! We loved showing them Venice Beach while we photographed them. I want to show you more images of the little hidden parts of Venice Beach but I had to include a beach shot because I know that Flora and Dave will love that ;)

Happy Monday!

Venice Beach Engement Session

Venice Beach Engement Session

Venice Beach Engement Session

Venice Beach Engement Session Photos

Venice Beach Engement Session Photography

Venice Beach Engement Session Photographers

Venice Beach Engement Photos

Venice Beach Photos

Venice Beach Photos

Venice Beach E Session

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Hope at Disneyland said...

Since they're from Canada, happy thanksgiving to them (since it's thanksgiving over there today.)

These are lovely and totally don't look like Venice Beach. I'm used to seeing the other parts of it (not that I've ever been there/just based on TV). Thanks for sharing. :)

Flora and Dave said...

Hi Nataly,

The pictures look great!! You really did an awesome job! Can't wait until we get them. Thanks once again! =)

So So Fab Events said...

This couple looks SO in love! Wonderful!

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