Monday, October 1, 2012

My Pink Birthday & The Best Hubby!

So my birthday month has come and gone. I should be sad, but I'm not. I enjoyed it thoroughly and Art made it a birthday to remember! He asked me a while back what did I want for my birthday and I said dinner with my whole family. Nothing major, just dinner. Let me tell you that this man went above and beyond. He did just what I wanted but he made it the most beautiful dinner I could have ever imagined! Everything was pink and two favorite things! I was seriously in awe at how much attention to detail he put into my birthday dinner. To some it may not be a big deal, but to me it is! I know Art and I know party planning (especially for a girl) is not his forte! I know that it was probably not all, but he did it for me. It means so much that my husband, who has never planned anything like this or has never even had an idea of how to do it, was able to do stuff like buy all the girly stuff I like, put so much thought into every single detail, make paper lanterns, buy vases and paint them, order food from my favorite place, get cute decor and put it all together totally blows my mind. He is by no means someone who usually puts so much time and patience into doing something like this...better yet, he is not someone who knows anything about planning a birthday, so to see how hard he worked on it and how hard he tried, REALLY makes me a happy & blessed wife. Not only did he create a beautiful birthday dinner for me, but he did it all in 1 week! Wedding season has been super busy and so we literally have no time for anything but work. Well, I saw that we had only 1 Saturday off in early September (my birthday is not until the end of September) and I asked him if he could put everything together by the following Saturday. He did that, even while being sick with a cold!

I wish I could put into words how amazed I was at everything he did. I am humbled by how blessed I am. Not only because of what he did for my birthday but because he is an amazing husband no matter what day it is.

Well, after telling you guys about the amazingly pink and sparkly dinner Art put together, I better show some eye candy! I wish I would have taken photos of every single little detail but I only took quick shots. I made sure to add as many to this blog post because I know we all love the details!

pink bakers twine roses white vases and white cake stand

mason jars lemonade sign ruffled cake red striped straws blog

pink birthday party sequins backdrop photobooth Nataly Lemus Photography reviews

Amazing job, especially for a guy who has zero interest in anything pink, cute, or sparkly, right?! I am almost thinking of hiring him out as a birthday planner :P Although I am pretty sure his answer would be "never again!" :P
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Vanessa Dwyer said...

Wow no girls help?! He did a good job! I love it! Art needs to look into party planning! Like just the layouts and set ups! ;)

Anonymous said...

The love you guys share is so inspiring! Art REALLY nailed the pink and sparkly details. Glad you had such a special day and that you shared it with your loved ones. GO ART!!! xo.h

Hope at Disneyland said...

Now you can add "And Event Planning" to your business name. :)

Everything looks fantastic! Art did such a great job and when I saw teasers I thought he had hired people to put everything together. It was all so pretty and I'm glad you got a wonderful birthday celebration. You deserve it!

Now it's your turn since his bday is coming up right? Good luck! ;)

Christina Molina said...

Amazing husband you have there! Lucky girl and BEAUTIFUL birthday party!

Nataly Lemus said...

Thank you ladies so much! I don't know how can I match that (let alone top it!) for his birthday!

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