Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am a Godmother!

This post is long overdue! Back in August my cousin, Steph, asked me if Art and I would accept to be Godparents to her son. I can't tell you how surprised and honored I felt! Of course there was no way I would say no! Art is already Godfather to his nephew and his friend's son, but I had not had the privilege to be someone's Godmother. The fact that my cousin asked me to be her first child's Godmother means the world to me. A few days later my cousin, her hubby, and my nephew came over. He had just started to walk back in July so Steph had us close our eyes while he came over to us and handed us two cards. The cards asked "Would you be my Godmother?" and "Would you be my Godfather?" Each one had a movie attached. Art got The Godfather and I got Cinderella. Check the cards out below. I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Especially because they were handed to us by our nephew!

A few weeks later we were ready for the baptism. On the morning of the baptism I got really sick. I had major stomach and back pain. It was so bad that I had to be in and out of hot showers to help maintain the pain as low as possible. I could barely walk from the room to the shower, because the pain was so crippling. I can't even tell you how scared I was that I would not be able to make it to the baptism. There was no way, though, that I would not go. I sucked it up and showed up bright and early. At first the pain was so bad I wanted to cry but I am so glad that I made it and was able to baptize my nephew. I wish I was good with words so that I could explain how honored I feel to be my nephew's godmother. It's a role that I will take seriously and will always appreciate.

(Don't judge the makeup-less face, I had no strength to put on anything but eyeliner on my lids :/ I really debated putting these photos on here because I look atrocious but I really wanted to share this special moment with you guys)

To my Godson: Your mommy and I were raised together, played together as little girls, learned what a friend was through our own friendship, planned our quinces together, stood next to each other at each other's wedding, we've been there through it all. This, however, is the most special of it all. I feel honored to be your godmother. Even though your parents are doing an amazing job at raising you, I will do anything that is needed to help out. I will be there to spoil you with toys, to read with you (I'm especially proud that you love to read as much as your nina), to help with homework, to defend you, to teach you Spanish, to be silly, and to give you all the love a tia/nina can give. Like I said before you were even born, we as a family, will always protect you, care for you, and love you. We are so proud to be part of your life and we would love to see you grow up into an amazing man, but we want to enjoy you as a little one first. Love you! Nataly Lemus Photography blog

Since I'm a proud nina, here is a link to see some of my godson's cake smashing session: CLICK HERE

And if you want to take it way back, CLICK HERE
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Hope at Disneyland said...

Aww how nice! Was this before or after our shoot? I'm so sorry you got that sick, but I'm glad you made it! We baptized my Sis at the same place too, but only the padrinos and parents could go in.:(

I think it's so cute how they asked you to be the GM/GF! He looks so cute and I agree that it's quite an honor. I forget, but you guys better start saving up because don't the padrinos have to sponsor something at their future wedding?

You always look great! Even you all sick with just eyeliner looks better than me with makeup on. Work it Nat! ;)

Nataly Lemus said...

Hi Hope! Yeah, they're super strict. They only allowed 2 guests to go so I didn't get to take anybody :( His baptism was like 2 weeks before your session.

I didn't know padrinos had to sponsor something but I'll gladly do it. Good thing he's only one and we have a looooong time to go :P

P.S. You guys are next on the blog! xoxo

Unknown said...

Comgrats to both you and Art. Godchildren are truly a blessing. I think you'll find that you'll share a bond with the child that is undescribable. I have 5 godsons.... All boys! Ive spoiled them rotten from getting them Disneyland annual passes to giving them power wheels cars as gifts. I can't wait til I have a goddaughter!

Hope at Disneyland said...

I remember them being strict. I was super crushed that we couldn't see the baptism. I don't even think they took pictures of it since we only have pictures of all of us outside in the courtyard.

I'm glad you felt a little better by the time you got together with us. We would've felt bad if you were in that much pain and we had you walk around all over again in that heat. :(

I guess the Padrino thing depends on your family because sometimes I hear that they're supposed to sponsor your outfit for the 1st communion or your quince and even things at the wedding (like the lasso, or maybe the dress). You definitely have plenty of time to figure it out and save up. ;)

p.s. eeep! Can't wait. :)

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