Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest = Danger!

I recently discovered Pinterest. Well, more like, I was recently introduced to Pinterest by my cousin. My life has not been the same ever since! Now anything I need to do I go onto pinterest and it suddenly becomes a project. I even find things I never knew I needed, but all of a sudden I must have! Pinterest is seriously dangerous to anyone who likes DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects or just to simply get ideas about anything and everything. I don't know if to say "too bad pinterest wasn't around when I got married" or "thankfully pinterest wasn't around when I got married!" I already know that my list of DIY project would have quadrupled!

Like I said, being on pinterest can be inspirational but it makes you want to make a project out of anything, even if you haven't seen it on there. You will find something that you can fix, paint, put together, refurbish, design, whatever. I find myself thinking what else can I make? Which brings me to this post. A couple of weeks ago I decided that this year I would make the Valentine's Day cards I will mail out myself and make each one of them completely different from the other. That same day I went to Michael's and other craft stores and bought a whole lot of heart shaped, pink & red colored, and Valentine's Day infused things. Yesterday I realized that Valentine's Day is around the corner and the stuff is still laying around. That's when I realized that maybe I got in over my head :/ I laid out all the things I was going to use and didn't know where to start. Sure I could go on pinterest and get ideas, but there are some things you want to be totally you, with no help from a board. I get so caught up that I forget that I can be creative all on my own. I can't wait to see what I come up with! I don't know if the cards will turn out to be a total disaster or cute, but if you are one of my clients and want to receive one but have recently changed address, please e-mail me your new address.

By the way, because I am not going to log on to pinterest to get ideas for this, it does not mean anything. I will still go on there for everything else :P Sometimes one idea/inspiration can make another idea even better or it can help you create something totally different inspired by that one idea. If you haven't checked out pinterest, go to I promise you'll get hooked!
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Hope at Disneyland said...

Aww you're so cute Nat! I love the pictures of your crafts and can't wait to see what you end up making. I'm making my hubby's Valentine again this year too.

Pinterest would've saved so much disc space on my hard drive if it was around when I was planning. I have so many folders on my computer still. It would've been so much easier just to see it all on a virtual board. The only downside to pinterest is that the images get re-pinned and it's so easy to lose the credits in the process. If there was a way to keep the person's photo credit (whether it's a DIY item or a photographic image), I think Pinterest would be better.

Anyway, happy crafting and happy early Valentine's day! <3

Annette M. said...

Oh's a love/hate kinda relationship. I could have done a ton more of the DIY projects from there if I wasn't on there browsing so much!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Pinterest! I need an intervention!!! But I do have to say that I've been inspired too. I keep telling myself that as long as I try making some of the stuff then I'm alright. Hahaha, I made some owl art for my kitchen. xo.h

Anonymous said...

That pinterest site is so addicting. I go on there everyday....yeah it's pretty sad haha how can i stay away from all the cute puppy pics??!!

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