Thursday, September 8, 2011

Portrait sessions & chitter chatter

Wedding season is starting to wind down, which means that we will start taking more portrait sessions. We do so many portraits sessions a year, but we never really have our photos taken. If you were to see our photo albums, we have so many photos of us individually and a few of us together, but from the moment we started doing wedding photography all of that stopped. We sort of forgot about documenting our lives. So with that in mind, Art and I have decided to try and take photos of each other whenever possible. Whenever we are out working we want to make sure we also photograph each other. And also as important, we have to actually print out the photos! With the wonderful way of technology nowadays we find it easy to just archive our photos on a computer. There's nothing wrong with that but it's always nice to be able to pull out an album and go through it. Don't you agree? Or do you guys think "out with the old, in with new?"

At some point we also want to book a photographer to take photos of the two of us, since individual shots of each other are not as fun. It will be very interesting to be on the other side of the camera after such a long time!

Here's a photo Art took of me after a family session a couple of days ago.

And even though Art might not like's a photo of him from a few months ago when we went scouting for a new location <3

If you are interested in documenting your life or your family, please e-mail us. We would be more than happy to help with that :)
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Hope said...

Wow Nat! Where'd you go? Look at those teeny tiny arms! ;)

I like to document us, but I have the opposite problem as you. I document EVERYTHING and back them up on CD or memory but never print them out. Other than a few scrapbooks and photo albums from a long time ago, we really have nothing to hold on to and leaf through together. I guess we'll work on that too. :)

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