Friday, September 30, 2011

A cold + a birthday = not a good mix!

Sorry that I've been MIA. Between celebrating my birthday all month long, photographing weddings, and having the mother of all colds, I have been super busy! Let me tell you, being sick on your birthday is not fun! I had so many plans to celebrate my birthday (on the actual weekend and day of my birthday) but when the day came all I could do was lay in bed nursing my cold. Bummer, right? It's okay, though. I eventually made myself get up from bed and go to my dad's house to have some of my favorite homemade food and a surprise cake. Maybe my plans did not go as I thought they would, but I had all I could ever ask family, good food, laughter, and the celebration of another blessed year.

Thankfully it looks like I've almost kicked this cold right in the rear. The bad news? Looks like I kicked it right to Art :/ His birthday is less than 2 weeks away so I will be praying that the hubs doesn't have to celebrate his birthday sick. Keep your fingers crossed that he feels all better for his birthday so I won't feel guilty for handing him my cold :/ In the end, no matter how we celebrate, what matters is that we have each other through sickness and health <3

Can't wait to come back with some eye candy for you guys. Stay tuned for that!
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Hope said...

I love that picture of you! You look so pretty! I would've never guessed you were sick.

Sorry that your birthday wasn't how you planned, but I like your attitude. It's all about family, love and celebrating another year. Birthdays are precious and not always guaranteed so you do have to be thankful to see them come around each year. :) I had to remind myself of that this year.

I hope Art gets better. Broncote him until his birthday and hopefully he'll be as good as new by then. Happy early birthday to him!

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