Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tao & Taka ~ Married!

Tao & Taka ~ Married
Pasadena, California
Rococo Room - Cafe Santorini

Tao & Taka had a beautiful wedding in Pasadena. It was truly unique and every part of it was totally them. From the walking down the aisle to the speeches to sharing their wedding date with Taka's grandparents' 60th anniversary. The whole wedding had parts of them embedded into it.

We started with Tao Getting ready.

Let's start with some fabulous shoes!

The entrance of the bridal part was pretty unique, but what I loved was the fact that Tao and Taka walked up the aisle together. Taka made a grand entrance to announce his bride. Funny and cute, all at the same time.

They're married!

You might recognize this background, but with a whole bridal party it's extra fun!

The next two photos are pretty similar but I just couldn't decide SO since there are no rules to what images I should show...here are both!

Now, the one below might looked like it was set up but it wasn't and I love it! I love perfect candid moment.

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Anonymous said...

These photos are great! Nataly and Art, you guys are amazing! Thank you!!! T&T

Jackie said...

So pretty! My fave is the one of her scrunching her nose as he's leaning in! And the bouquet!

Hope said...

I love how everything is so soft and elegant. It all looks so natural and effortless and just beautiful. I love the moving taxi picture (how do you do that? I wish we had something like that - it looks so cool!) and the look of the bridal party and the cool backdrops you found. And wow all those cupcakes...yum!!

daisy said...

Beautiful pictures! You photographed the details perfectly and the emotion in the couple pics shows.

Litto Ole Me said...

Amazing, Nat and Art! Top 2 of all time. Photos are flawless and the wedding decor (and beautiful couple) are perfection. Don't know how you guys do it, but don't ever stop.

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