Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nicole & Eric ~ Engaged!

Nicole & Eric ~ Engagement Session
Newhall, California

You might remember the photo below from a teaser post I did a while back...

Well, FINALLY, here are some more from this e-session :) Let me just say that you might not be able to tell from the photos, but it was drizzling pretty hard during most of the session.

I love how just a kiss from Nichole's fiance, Eric, brings a genuine smile to her face. That's love :)

Like I said earlier, you can't tell it was raining, but it was. I had to take advantage of this and have Nicole and Eric bring out the umbrella.

By the time I took the last photo below, it was raining pretty hard and it was super cold!

More weddings and engagement sessions to be blogged soon!

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1 comment:

Hope said...

Was this at Griffith Park? I love it when couples use unusual places for their sessions. It's always nice to see familiar places, but it's extra special when you find cool places like train tracks for pictures. They came out really editorial, like you'd see them in an ad for perfume or boots. ;)

You can't even tell it's raining, but it's so cool that this couple didn't let a little water mess up their spirit in the pictures. It's like they're so into each other that they don't even notice the drizzle. The last shot is so pretty. I think I can see some tiny droplets next to Eric's head.

Do you have special gear to protect your cameras in wet weather? I'm afraid to get my flimsy point and shoot wet, I can't even imagine how I'd be if I had some fancy camera like the ones you guys have! lol

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