Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is Valentine's Day?

I won't deny that Valentine's Day has no real special meaning for me, BUT I won't deny that I still enjoy getting gifts and being pampered! As long as I can remember, Art and I have never gone all out for Valentine's Day. As a matter of fact, there have been a few years that we've done absolutely nothing for V-Day. And that's okay. I know he loves me and he knows I love him every day of the year. But, like I said, I do enjoy getting a gift or two! We never plan anything out and we for sure never go out to dinner, because I am just not about to go make myself miserable by waiting a long time to get into a busy and chaotic restaurant just to be rushed out! So this year was no different.

There were a few surprises from Art, nonetheless. After midnight I was busy doing homework. I was so busy that it took a whole 45 minutes for me to notice a small gift Art had placed right next to me on the bed. When I realized that there was a gift, I must have screamed so loud that I woke up the whole neighborhood :P Although the gift was super cute, I think the best part was being surprised :) I am not easily surprised so this was huge for Art!

In the afternoon all we did was watch the Laker game, which was a bummer! If you don't know, they lost. Enough said. I made dinner for two, which came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Then to top it off, Art baked me some goodies! That was major 'cause the guy does not get near the kitchen...at least not to cook, and definitely not to bake!

By the end of the night, my wonderful husband had gifted me a Hello Kitty phone case and two books that I've been wanting but have not wanted to cash out my money for them, since I consider them guilty pleasures. Yes, he got me the Kendra memoir and even more embarrassing, he got me the Kardashian Konfidential book. There, I said it! I am hooked to reality tv and I even read their books! Oh my. Even worse, my husband feeds my addiction!

For two people who do not celebrate Valentine's Day, we had a fab one! So to answer my question, Valentine's Day is any normal ol' day, but that doesn't mean that you can't continue to express your love, and maybe even throw in a couple of extras, just because it's a commercialized holiday that someone invented. If there is a day that is dedicated for love and is celebrated by many around the world, it just gives me another reason to celebrate my love for my husband. Yes, I don't need a reason, but at the same time, it's pretty cool that so many people are feeling the love just like you.

So, whether it's just another day for you, you don't want to "give in" to commercialism, you go all out, or you are in between, I hope you had a fabulous day with the one you love 24/7/365.

*DISCLAIMER: I do read more mature and educational literature, but, man, do I enjoy pointless reads, too!
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jackie g. photography said...

adorable gifts! we don't go all out either, just candy and cards! :)

Elena said...

Sounds like a beautiful Valentine's Day!
And don't be embarrassed! Those are 2 books I would love to read too!
Heck I'd even read J Wow's book!

I'll add your Disclaimer to this comment as well!


Hope said...

Glad you had a nice Feb. 14th!

P.S. I'm too ghetto to buy the books. I go to the bookstore and read them for free-zies. :P I've read the other GND books that way but haven't gotten to these yet LOL

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