Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Odyssey Granada Hills Wedding

Jennifer & David
The Odyssey - Granada Hills, California

I know that I've been MIA but I have been extremely swamped with editing, holiday sessions, and life. Hopefully this extra long post makes up for it :)

Jennifer and David are one of my favorite couples. Ever. I don't think I need to go too much into how much we like them because, hopefully, they already know. I love getting to know our couples and actually being able to call them friends. That is what we now consider David and Jennifer.

Jennifer and David had a beautiful, intimate wedding with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I think it's totally them and can't imagine their wedding any other way. I love all the details and enjoyed photographing every single one of them because I know how much time Jennifer and David put into everything.

Now, I have to stop going on and on and just show you guys the images! I know that Jennifer and David have been waiting patiently.

We made David suffer a bit :P

We didn't do any getting ready photos, but you know I still have to get my detail fix :)

After walking around in North Hollywood in 113 weather, David and Jennifer decided to go should I say this?...different. I'm not going to lie, it was a challenge for me to find the beauty in this place, but I love challenges! After we were done, I actually left with some unique photos that I love :)

After the ceremony, David went back to trying to solve a couple of things that went wrong prior to the ceremony. He didn't want Jennifer to worry about anything, seeing that she was sick and had worked hard enough already. As you can see, she was stress free!

Details, details, details! My fave! Can you believe we got all of this done in about 3-5 minutes! That has to be our record! Here are just a few of our favorite:

First dance

The next two photos are my VERY favorite because they remind me of Art :) He did the same thing at our wedding and still does it all the time :P. David acted like he was going to feed Jennifer a piece of cake and instead ate it :P

Jennifer & David: I am so happy that I met you through this wonderful thing I get to call work :) However, working with you guys was like hanging out with friends. Thank you for being so open, friendly, and inviting. I think you guys are perfect for each other and we wish you infinite happiness! We <3 you, guys!
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Jennifer said...

How to even start?

The day we decided to have you guys as our photographers was the truly the BEST day ever! We knew you guys were the best and we had total confidence you guys would blow us away.

Well you did exactly that and more! Looking at these pics takes me back to that day, I feel like I'm in my wedding dress and my father is giving me away to man I love <3 BUT this would of never happen without you and Art!

Loved seeing David waiting impatiently just wanting to turn back and see me :)

LOVED all the photos you took in NoHo...I was raised there and to have taken pics but not any pics BEAUTIFUL and FOREVER pics I'm truly grateful for <3

You executed the cemetery pics grasped exactly what we wanted! Yes we are weird for wanting to take pics there but you made it come out soooo BEAUTIFUL and delicate like no one else would with that magic touch you and Art have ;)

AMAZING all the details shots!!!!! WE worked on DIY for many months but now I have pics forever to remind us how beautiful everything turned out.

The candy buffet pic I'm so in love! The cake just makes me want to order it again :P

Thank you thank you thank you...I will NEVER be able to thank you both enough for being the BEST photographers LIKE EVER :)

Art thank you for doing that "thing" you always are as asset Thank you!


Nicole said...

What a fun wedding! Gorgeous ring shot!!

uncle steve auntie cheryl said...

It takes a beutiful couple to have beutiful pictures like that!!! I loved just remembering the the day with you!! love always

Jackie said...

so beautiful! love the last ring shot!!!

Hope said...

Wow Jennifer and David - what a tremendous day! I love how you executed your "alice" theme and how lush all the red looks! I couldn't help but sing, "we're painting the roses red...we're painting the roses red" when I saw your elegant decor. So gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous, Jennifer you looked TERRIFIC! Your eye makeup brought out your eyes so beautifully and it is so cool that your frames matched all the red at your wedding. (I totally punked out of wearing my glasses on my wedding day, but you pulled it off beautifully!)

Oh my goodness, your shoes were crazy hot!!

Your cake is so cute! I wish Nat had more detail of it, but I guess it looks like you had a Cheshire Cat layer, a Queen of Hearts Layer and a White Rabbit Layer? It's so cool!

Nataly and Art - terrific pictures as always! Thanks for the extra long blog after a really long absence. ;)

Christina Molina said...

Nataly & Art - AMAZING as always! Whewww I cant believe my team pulled of setting up in 30 mins. lol! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful work. This is one of the most gorgeous weddings I have worked with one of my fav couples and Im sure they are forever grateful for your beautiful pictures!

liz diaz said...

i like them alot! so pretty pictures.

Jennifer said...

Hope-Thank you! You sure know how to make a girl blush :) I was soooo in LOVE with my glasses and so happy I decided to wear them thank u! I was actually pretty amazed how the WHOLE theme came out...I was truly happy!

I had a WONDERFUL team! Without them none of this would of ever happened so I give them many thanks!

As for the cake, it was a small cake but had LOTS of detail. The bottom layer was the cheshire cat, top layer was Queen of hearts and the Rabbit was our topper with some "eat me" cookies around it. We also had some cupcakes around it and it varied from the cheshire cat to teapot to clocks. The very last photo is of our rings sitting on one of the cupcakes.

The day was soooo much FUN! I'm so TRULY happy we decided on Nat and Art to capture our day!

Thanks Hope! I hope we get still chit chat on blog post :P

Hope said...

Jennifer - I hope so too! :) Thanks for breaking down the cake and the cupcakes. Your theme turned out amazing and I'm glad that Nat and Art were able to capture all the detail to make it seem like I was there. It just goes to show when great people get together with great vendors it turns into wedding day magic! :D Congratulations to you both:)

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