Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today is not only Art's birthday, but it's also my older sister's birthday. In reality, she is my cousin, but we were raised like sisters. There is absolutely no difference. She is one of the vital people in my life who I could not live without. We have always been there for each other, taking care of each other, protecting one another, and learning together.

I want to share my letter to her so you can learn a little about her and my relationship with her. I also want to make sure I never forget!


Happy birthday, my beautiful sista! You already know that I love to write because it’s the best way that I can TRY and put my feelings out there, with the hopes that it all makes sense :) I am very thankful to have you in my life. I know that at times I can drive you crazy (and I’m not going to lie, you drive me crazy, too), but I also know that I can make you laugh like nobody else. I love you because no matter how lame my jokes are, you always understand them. I don’t need to tell you what I’m thinking, because you can probably end the sentence for me. You are the very best older sister anyone could ever wish for. Not only do you love me despite my bratty-ness, but you celebrate it :P You allow me to be me. I can always come to you and pour my heart out, be it good or bad, without feeling like you will ever judge me. I only hope I give you the same amount of love and support you give me.

I love you with all my heart and no matter how much we argue, we could never be apart!

Thank you for lending your ear when I need it.

Thank you for always defending me.

Thank you for always telling me you love me.

Thank you for trusting me.

Thank you for asking me for advice.

Thank you for always giving me your honest opinion.

Thank you for laughing with me until we are in tears from all the laughter!

Thank you for the many hours we spend on the phone.

Thank you for swinging on the swings next to me when I was 4 and singing “un elefante se culumpiaba sobre la tela de una araƱa…”

Thank you for scaring me at night while we were in bed by saying “el cucuy!”

Thank you for teaching me how to make bubbles with soap when I was 5.

Thank you for standing up for me to the neighbor’s kids when I was 8.

Thank you for letting me try and dress like you, even though it was probably not cool to have little ol’ me trying to be like you :P

Thank you for fixing my eyebrows when I decided to tweeze them at 12! (I only did that because I wanted to be like you)

Thank you for showing me what was cool and what was not!

Thank you for always letting me tag along.

To put it simply, thank you for being my partner in crime.

All these moment have helped shape me into who I am and have shown me the gift of having a (cool) older sis. We are completely different but exactly the same in so many ways. While I am loud and bratty, you are refined and loving. I am blunt, while you are considerate (although you can be blunt , too!). You are a great cook, me? Well, let’s not get into that! I could really go on, but I just want to tell you that no matter how similar or different we are, we go together like peanut butter and jelly! I am glad you have shown me the ups and downs of sisterhood. Whether you were teasing me or telling me what I was supposed to do when a boy kissed me, I have learned so much from you. Here’s to many, many more years of learning from you!


Love you always,


I'm not quite sure how old we were here, but I think we might have been like 3 & 7

I think I was turning about 3 in this photo, although I only see 2 candles :P
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Jennifer said...

Happy Happy Birthday Big SIS!!!

To many more :D

Hope said...

What a sweet post. The thing about "el cucuy" and the song you sang on the swing made me laugh. It's funny how people can grow up in different places but still have the same shared memories of childhood. Congrats on another birthday to your "big sis".:)

Daisy D said...

Nat you were such a beautiful little girl!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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