Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Art!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! If you read my blog often then you must know that I love my husband immensely. I won't put you through any of my super mushy posts about Art :P It's so difficult to put into words what I feel for him so I just keep going...and going...and going. So today I just want to say a simple HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, babe!

By the way, I already know that Art is going to be embarrassed that I posted a picture of him all alone :P He might even try to persuade me to take it off, but I love the photo, and it's staying up! Happy Monday, everyone!
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Jennifer said...

Great picture of Art!

Stick your grounds :P

Happy Birthday to Art he deserves the best birthday next to his beautiful and loving wife!!!


Jeremiah Owen said...

Happy birthday Art!!!

Miguel R said...

Happy Birthday Art !

Hope said...

Happy Birthday Art! That's a terrific picture of him. You better be careful about posting great pictures of him like that, no telo vayan a robar ;) lol

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