Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nat!

To my beautiful wife, Happy Birthday. I'm about to hijack your blog. You took the time to list the reasons why you love me on here, I think it's only fair that I do the same.

The 26 things I love about you? Easy.

I love your kind heart.

Your big beautiful eyes.

Your genuine (loud) laugh.

Your stubbornness. I know I say I don't love that, but I do.

Your silly/crazy sense of humor.

That you always tell me and your family how much you love us. You are never afraid to let your feelings known.

Your uppercuts. Internet this girl packs a punch.

I love that you are never afraid to take risks and make mistakes.

I love that you are not the type to test the waters, you jump in full force in anything you do.

That you are an extremely hard worker.

I love that you always speak your mind without fearing what others might think.

How expressive you are and all of your facial expressions when you talk!

I love that when you talk you also talk with your hands.

That you still love cartoons.

That you call your dad at random times just to tell him you love him.

I love that you are a bigger fan of boxing than I am.

I love that you are a social butterfly that can talk for hours.

I love that you always keep it real. There is no faking the funk with anybody.

I love that you still get butterflies in your stomach because of me and at the most random times. I like that you always tell me.

I love that you can talk sports and hold your own.

I love your free spirited silliness.

I love your flamboyant taste in clothes.

I love your nose.

I love that you speak loudly, even when I am right next to you. It's who you are.

I love your spontaneous ideas and remarks. They always come right out of left field. lol

I love that your favorite song is by Tupac. lol

I love that you love the Lakers. I'm like "yeah that's my girl."

I love your little dances you make up. You know which ones, and it's not your runningman.

I love that you laugh at your own jokes.

I love that we can be at the store and you will start salsa dancing without any music playing.

I love that you can argue your opinion and stance on things like nobody's business.

I love that you are a smart woman.

I love that there is a soft spot in your heart for elderly street vendors, even if it means buying stuff that you don't need. (Nat's been known to have me chase a "palatero" down like 8 blocks just to buy 5 ice cream bars she did not eat.)

That you love my family like you love your family.

That you are the most difficult person to try and surprise.

Okay so it was not that easy because there is so much to love and impossible name it all. I'm sure I was not able to stay within 26 but I'm also sure you won't mind. The best way to sum it up is by saying, you are one unique woman that fills my heart with happiness.

Happy Birthday, love.
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Daisy D said...

What a sweet husband you have! Thanks Art for letting us know Nat a little better through your eyes =)

Daisy D said...

By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I hope it was a good one!

gee gee said...

Happy birthday Nataly! I love boxing too, we need good fights lately.

stephanie said...

You are one amazing couple. I love how much you guys still love each other after all these years!!!

Sammy said...

Beautiful post Art!! Happy Birthday Nat!!! Wish you so much happiness

Hope said...

Awesome list Art! It was great to see a glimpse of why you love Nat so much (although it's obvious for those that have met her). I hope you had a wonderful birthday month!

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