Friday, August 13, 2010

12 Years!

Twelve years ago I asked the boy of my dreams to be my boyfriend. Yes, I asked him. I asked my puppy love to stop being my platonic love and be my first and only boyfriend. You see, when Art and I met we had just gone into jr. high. Although, I liked him like "wow," I was still at the age where I thought he had coodies :P As soon as I was out of jr. high it was like it was a brand new me. I made my move and he said yes :) We have been together ever since.

I can't help but fall in love again and again with my now husband. He completes me. He makes me strive to be the very best I can be...for him. He is the reason I breathe. He is the reason I pray. He is the reason I give thanks to my Lord every day.

If that is not cheesy enough for you, let me tell you the 12 reasons I love my hubby so much! 1 for each year :P Yes, I went there! I'm allowed to be a total cheese-ball today :)

To Art:

1. I love you because you know everything about me and you love everything you know.

2. I love you because you always need to talk to me whether it's something small or something major.

3. I love you because you always take care of me and protect me.

4. I love you because that smile of yours always makes me weak in the knees.

5. I love you because after so many years you still manage to give me butterflies in my tummy.

6. I love you because what other people might see as my flaws, you see as my qualities.

7. I love you because you love and care for my father and sister like you care for your own.

8. I love you because no matter what time of the day it is, you will hear me talk for hours...even if it's 3:00 a.m.

9. I love you because you think it's the funniest thing when I laugh at my own jokes while nobody else is laughing. :P

10. I love you because you are seriously my better half.

11. I love you because you believe in matter how crazy my dreams can get.

12. I love you because you have the most amazing heart, full of love.

I have so many more reasons why I love this man, but I will keep them to myself so I can let him know later on today.

I hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th!

This is a photo of us celebrating our 1 year anniversary 11 years ago! Look how young Art looks!!! We were about to be 15 in this photo. I look a lot older that Art does :/ Aaaahhh, memories!
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Meli said...

LOVE this POST!!! Wishing you guys many many more years! God bless your relationship: For IT to get stronger if possible, for you two to continue to love each other the way you do, and for you to reach 100 Reasons why You love Art <3
Happy 12 Yrs!!! said...

So completely happy for you guys! Your post was beautiful! You 2 are an awesome couple and I know you'll celebrate 12x10 more anniversaries!

Sammy said...

awww how sweet Nat! congrats you guys.. Hope u two are out celebrating such an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing!! And many many more years together in love! Happy 12th

Jennifer said...

awww Nataly congrats to you and Art for a wonderful 12 yrs. That is sooooo sweet!

I love the pic and I'm positive you will share many many many more years together!

Happy Anniversary!

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