Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hilda & Anthony ~ Part 1

Hilda & Anthony ~ Married!
(Part 1 ~ Details)

Hilda & Anthony had a beautiful outdoor wedding in San Diego at the Twin Oaks Schoolhouse. I had to break down their wedding into three parts because that's how many images I MUST blog! We'll start with details, which Hilda put so much time into. As all past and present brides know, this is what we put soooooooo much time, sweat, and sometimes tears into! You need to have photos of it all to show proof that it was all worth it :)

Next to be blogged will be portraits. Come back soon to see those!

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Melissa McClure Photography said...

You came to my neighborhood again and didn't call! ;-) I live about 5 mins away from here!

Gorgeous details, they seem like a fun couple and i haven't even seen the portraits!

Nataly Lemus said...

Next time I am in your neighborhood we have to set something up!

Hope said...

WOW! All these cute details deserve to be blogged everywhere. It's all so gorg! Seriously, you have to submit these to a magazine. It's terrific!

I really love how you notice the little things that Brides and Grooms worked so hard on. :)

Jennifer said...

Amazing!!!! You are RIGHT Nataly, us brides work our little tush off...

I have recently discovered tying a bow is very difficult and time consuming! ;)

These detail pics deserve their own post, and I can't wait to see the rest :)

Jackie said...

whoa! this wedding is amazing! love all the details!

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