Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heather & Phillip ~ Engaged!

I haven't blogged an engagement session in a long time. It's not because I don't want to share, but I've been extremely busy! I had to share this e-session, though. Whenever I get referred to someone by a past client it's super exciting for me. For one, you know that your past client loved your work if they are recommending you to someone else :) When a past client refers one of their family members it makes it extra special because I know I will be seeing their family again! It's a pretty cool feeling. It feels like you are reuniting with old friends, which is sort of what it is :) It's feels very comfortable and close to my heart.

Phillip is the brother of one of my March 2009 grooms. During Micah's wedding his mom told me that she still had two non-married children. Well, lo and behold, by the end of last year I got an e-mail letting me know that one of those two was engaged (Phillip)! I don't have to tell you how excited I was! I am so glad I was still available on their wedding date. I usually save a weekend for our own personal stuff and family. That is why their date in September was still available. What a coincidence! I can't think of a better way to spend that day!

Heather and Phillip's engagement session was a lot of fun. We walked a lot, but we also talked a lot. Being out in nature can be quite an adventure. I am pretty sure that at one point there was a swarm of bees very close to where we were photographing, but that did not get them nervous. Me on the other hand...that's a different story! Anyway, below are some of my favorite images from Heather and Phillip's engagement session. I hope you enjoy looking through them!

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Hope said...

Hey you changed your photo credit thing! I like it. I liked the older one too though. I guess I just like to see anything with "Nataly Lemus Photography" on it. :)

How cool to be working with Phillip and Micah's family again. I love all of these pictures. If I were them, I'd blow up number 4. She looks like a total model in that one. Actually, you could blow up all of them. They're all so romantic and fun. I love it when you find flower fields. There's something about those pictures that stand out so much. Great job as always!

jackie g. photography said...

beautiful! i'm so paranoid about snakes when i'm out in nature!!

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