Friday, March 26, 2010

Jennifer & David ~ Engaged!

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Six to eight months before their e-session, Jennifer and David decided to do their engagement session at night and in City Walk to get the city look. Well, fast forward to a week before their e-session, we decide that we might have too much trouble with City Walk security than it was worth. I suggested Downtown LA since it has the city-feel and has a lot of lights to go with their night time theme. I am soooooo glad they agreed because I was completely inspired by it. For one, it was a night time shoot, which it's not very common and two, it was not your every-esession spots. We walked around Downtown and avoided the areas that you see in many engagement sessions.

It's always so much fun getting to know our couples. I can get a feel for their personalities when I first meet with them, but nothing beats talking to them about anything and everything like we do at e-sessions. I feel a lot more connected to them and their wedding, through their stories.

Jennifer & David: Thank you so much for being so much fun!

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye. I can't wait for your Alice in Wonderland theme wedding! I know it's going to be amazing!

I love how Jennifer and David incorporated their theme into the e-session. They wore Alice in Wonderland shirts! Too cute!

A big thank you to Elena for doing such a great job with Jennifer's make-up.
You can check her out by clicking HERE.
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Jennifer said...

I SO LOVE THE NIGHT PICS!!!! They are surely amazing and EXACTLY what we wanted! I have a few of my favs and its so hard to choose!!! Thank you, thank you....THANK YOU for the wonderful pics!

I'm so blown I send you one inspiration pic and you gives such amazing pics!

Thanks Nataly and Art... YOU ROCK!!!!!

Meli said...

I love all these pictures!!
I am so happy Jen & David went for the night Shoot.. Totally rocked it! && Again: Like a Broken Record: You & Art just simply "Do the Damn thing!!!!"
Can't wait for this wedding =)

Hope said...

"Oh my fur and whiskers!" (to borrow from the White Rabbit ;)

These pictures are brilliant! I love how you managed to keep the romance and not let "the city" take the focus away from the couple. I've seen quite a few e-pics in Downtown and I always feel they look gritty and take away from the couple, but these are definitely chic and romantic.

I also LOVE how the bride wore glasses! I still feel weird that I wore mine for our e-session but honestly, I can't see so I'm glad that other brides are "keeping it real" and wearing their glasses.:)

I'm loving the purple and definitely loving the alice vibe. I can't wait to see their wedding.

P.S. you know what's weird? I haven't been to Citywalk in a while, but when I have been, I always see Quinceanera's with their entourages taking pictures there so I don't know if they get permission or if security let's that slide. *shrugs*

Jennifer said...

In response to Hope's Comment:

I also LOVE how the bride wore glasses! I still feel weird that I wore mine for our e-session but honestly, I can't see so I'm glad that other brides are "keeping it real" and wearing their glasses.:)

OMG! That is so sweet that you said! You have no idea how insecure I've felt the last couple of weeks after some "girl" saw our pics and said I RUINED them by wearing my glasses! YES can you believe that! BOOOO to her!

I feel so much more confident! Thank you for your wonderful comment! ;)

Hope said...

Hi Jennifer! I think your glasses are AWESOME so don't late the haters hate. I LOVE that you wore them and actually your pics re-boosted my decision to wear mine on my wedding day so thank YOU! :)

Jennifer said...

Hope, you are so sweet & amazing! You are to FAB, well after reading your comment it's encouraged to take the leap and look for red glasses for our wedding :D

A cheers to glasses!

Thanks ;D

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