Monday, March 22, 2010

I Love LA!

As I was editing some photos from a recent engagement session in Downtown LA, I came across some amazing shots Art got of the scenery. I love, love, love the images he captured for three reasons: 1. My husband took it; 2. it's his perspective; 3. they portray how beautiful the city that I love is!

I was born in Los Angeles in the mid 80's. When I was born, my parents lived right next to the convention center, before it was expanded. Much has changed since then, but one thing I always remember that still remains are the beautiful buildings in Downtown LA. I remember being about 3, in my dad's car, and passing right next to them on the 110 FWY. I was so small that I couldn't see all the way to the top of the buildings...might have been the child seat keeping me back :P My dad always tells me that when we would pass by downtown I would get excited to see the buildings and always said "full." Till this day we have no idea why I would say that, but my dad's stories of me and how excited I would get to pass by downtown is why I remember it so vividly since I was a little girl. I do wish I knew what the whole "full" thing was about, though :P Maybe I was trying to say big...or tall? I don't know! :P

What I do know is that I am so proud to be from Los Angeles. I am proud to have gone to school in LA, found my love in LA, got married in LA. I am proud to live in a city full of diversity. I am proud to look out my window and see the beautiful buildings you see above. I am proud of the many memories of my childhood in LA. I am proud to see that no matter how negative some people may speak of Los Angeles, it is a beautiful city with plenty of beautiful sceneries, and interesting people, to say the least. I am proud that in this city, the most amazing people I know reside. I am proud to be born and raaaaaiiiiiised in good ol' LA!
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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful pick! I wish I could of been there ;P

Nicole said...

That's a gorgeous shot!!

Hope said...

This has to be made into a "postcard" for LA. I don't think I've seen one as cool looking as Art's picture and if I didn't already live here, I think this image would totally sell me on coming for a visit. It's a gorgeous shot!

Mandy said...

LA is the greatest! (next to the OC, that is. LOL!)

But this is a great shot that Art captured. We used to live in Downtown our first year back in SoCal and were right down the street from the Convention Center. It's most definitely a picture perfect skyline!

Thanks for sharing your story, Nat!

Madison said...

AMAZING shot Art!

Dawn Malone said...

opps! above was from me not my daughter. :D

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