Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Castaway Burbank Wedding

The Castaway - Burbank

As promised, here is Stacey & Mike's wedding!

I am starting to notice a trend with my wedding posts...I like to start with the wedding shoes :) So, lets do this!

The cutest garters I've ever seen!

You see the small paper crane in between Stacey's bouquet? Well, Mike made that for her on their first date. How cute is that?!

I really want to touch on the following images just a bit. Stacey and Mike decided they were going to do a "first look" before their ceremony for timeline purposes. If you are one of my clients you know that I never sell that on to me clients. I don't think there is anything wrong with seeing each other, though. Art and I did the "traditional" thing and did not see each other and we loved it that way. So, whenever a client asks me what do I suggest I usually say that unless their timeline really asks for it, due to personal experience, I suggest they do not see each other first. Well, let me just say WOW! Mike and Stacey's first look was so touching, romantic and emotional. Some of my favorite images EVER are now from their first look. The images are so personal and touching. They radiate so many feelings. So the moral of the story is "don't knock something 'cause you haven't tried it!"

Anyway, here are some of my faves from their first look:

Stacey was nervous before seeing Mike, so much so that she was shaking while I took a shot of her holding the garter. She totally needed to see him!

Art's shot

My shot - I know they are similar but I had to show you both!

My shot

Art's shot

Stacey was so cool and calm when Mike did this (below). I think I would have freaked out, especially seeing what the other side looked like!

Ceremony time

After doing wedding photography for a few years now, I've learned to anticipate certain things. I knew Stacey's dad was going to shed a tear (or two) and right after I thought it he did it. Very touching :)

When I first met with Stacey and Mike, Stacey asked me if I photographed the father/daughter dance. Of course I do! If y'all read my blog then you know it's one my favorite parts of a wedding :) So here is Stacey and her dad dancing :)

I don't want Mike to feel left out so here is the Son/Mom dance :)

Last but not least, Stacey and Mike dancing for the first time as Mr. & Mrs.

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Stacey and Mike said...

Oh my god Nataly they are so beautiful!!! You really captured so many great moments and really brought us back to the day. You and Art made the day so special. Thank you both very much!!

marlin munoz said...

Beautiful images Nataly and Art!! Your words are so true about the first look and you both captured it so perfectly and artistically! Take care my friends!!

Hope said...

Wow! So many delightful things to comment on, where to start? How sweet to include the paper crane in Stacey's bouquet! Who knew that that little first-date token would make it all the way to the wedding day. That's awesome! I also loved the first look posts (beware, we're doing that too) and loved the close up Art took of their hands. I also loved Stacey's dress. She has wicked style and it fit her so beautifully!

I think my favorite picture is the one of them holding each other out on the patio. I think it's the body language and the way you edited to bring out the warmth, but man, I'd blow that up as artwork if I were them b/c it's beautiful!

My Mike LOVED the crossing-the-street pic. Remember we tried to do that in our e-session? Well he loved how it came out and wants to recreate it for our pics next year. Great job as always guys! :)

Sterling Engagements said...

I love the first look photos! I also really enjoyed your voice, talking about your experience and opinion with the first look etc. Beautiful work!

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