Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sammy & Ivan ~ Engaged!

Where can I start? Every once in a while I meet with a couple who secretly make me chant in my head "book us, book us!" Sammy and Ivan are one of those couples. They are super down to earth and laid back. It's extremely easy to just sit with them and chat.

I am so happy Sammy and Ivan decided on an engagement session because it's the best way to get to know our couple in front of the camera and off camera :) They chose The Lab and The Camp in Costa Mesa for their e-session. We had never been there or even heard about it. I have to say, they made a great choice! I loved the look of both locations. We got kicked out of The Camp, which was fine since we were almost done :P We still managed to get a few more shots before heading to The Lab, though!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots:

Here are a couple of images that I could not decide wether I liked color or black & white better.

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gee gee said...

I love trhem all. I can't pick a favorite - they are that great!

Hope said...

What a great looking couple! I'm glad they booked you because that means we get to see their wedding post. I always wondered where those words on the steps was. I had seen it in other pictures and thought it looked so cool. I'm glad you were able to shoot there and give it the Lemus touch;)

I think I like all the color ones the most. There was so much color there and with the way you bring it out, it made for wonderful pictures!!

Meli said...

What a GoodLooking Couple!! I *heart* all the images. Great job Nataly =D

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