Monday, October 5, 2009

Rebecca & Rupen ~ Married!

Rebecca & Rupen are about to receive their photos by the end of the week, but I still wanted to blog them!

Below are some of my favorite images:

Lets start with two pair of cute shoes!

Getting ready shots:

I love this shot!

I have a new all-time favorite image! I know that when my little sister gets married a long time from now (she's only 15), I will cry just like Rebecca's sister :)

The timeline does not always go as planned. When that happens, we improvise :) We ran out of light by the time, we were going to do some portraits of Rebecca and Rupen at their reception venue, so we busted out the off camera lighting. Looks different from what you are used to seeing from me, but I like it!

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Hope said...

Good improv with the lighting! I'm glad to know that you always find ways to make shots work.

I love the picture of the sister crying. That is such a wonderful candid shot.

I also enjoy when you have "peek-a-boo" shots where someone will sort of peek through something and look at the camera (like this bride did when she was coming out of the door). I think those come out cute.

What a beautiful church. It looked so cozy and romantic and there and I really like how you got a great shot of them coming out and standing on the aisle runner right where it says their name. Brilliant! If we have an aisle runner, remember that shot for us! :D

Broke-ass Bride said...

I was there and this is a gorgeous representation of the day! I'm so sad we didn't get to meet, I've been a fan for a long time :) Great shots of a great couple!

PR Gal said...

Nataly - these are GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to see the rest! Thank you and Art so much for all of your patience. I do like how the outdoor ones came out with the lightbox - really different. You are brilliant!

Nicole said...

Love the off-camera flash look. Grat job!

Krissy Rose said...

Nataly. I can not thank you enough for the wonderful pictures that you took at my sisters wedding. And i am honored you found my blubbery as your favorite picture! Thank you again!

Meli said...

I kindda Love the Off camera lighting effect =) Wonderful job Nataly =)

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