Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hope & Mike ~ Engaged!

Anaheim, California

I always tell my clients that when choosing a location for their e-session to think about a location that has special meaning for both of them. Mike and Hope chose Disneyland. I definitely think they chose the perfect location. Not only do they know the park like the back of their hand ( I would have been lost as soon as I first stepped foot inside) but they also got engaged there!

Mike and Hope were power walkers. I have never been so tired after an e-session like I was after this one. After the e-session Hope said they walked slow for us. I can't even imagine what walking fast with them would have been! Thanks to them, though, we covered a big part of Disneyland and California Adventure. It was really fun seeing so many parts of Disneyland that I completely forgot about and some I didn't even know existed! What was even more fun was having one of our couples lead the way :) As some of you know, I love color. Disneyland did not disappoint! I especially loved Toontown! I was in color heaven there!

Mike and Hope: I had a lot of fun walking around Disneyland and getting to know you guys better :) I can't wait to see you guys again! I know you really want to see some teasers, so I'll stop typing and start posting images :)

I know the shot below looks like I had Mike whisper into Hope's ear, but I didn't. I don't know what he was whispering, but it made for a cute shot :) I wonder what was he whispering... Okay, I'll stop being nosy now :P

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Hope said...

WOW! It's so weird to comment on our own pictures, but they turned out great! We love the colors too! I'm so glad we gave you a workout at Disney ehehehe :) I think Mike was whispering, "I'm so nervous" and after seeing some of the teasers, I see we really had nothing to be worried about. These are wonderful. Thank you soooo much Nat and Art! It was so fun hanging out with you guys and hopefully we can do that again real soon. :D

gee gee said...

I love picture #3, #4, #5. Makes me want to go to disneyland!

Meli said...

These are so much Fun!!
I Love the Once Upon a Time image! too cute =)

daisy d said...

Nat I love the third pic! It ihas a romantic and sweet look to it.

Carly said...

Love them! Wonderful work!!!

Melissa said...

Aunt Hope and Uncle Mike,

We love the preview of all your pictures. Your photographer is very creative. Allison says "ewww" to the kissing pictures and Matthew likes the toontown pics. We can't wait to see you all in California next year.

Love, Nephew Matthew and Niece Allison

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