Monday, August 24, 2009

Stacey & Ryan ~ Married!

Stacey and Ryan are a super fun couple with a bridal party to match! Their ceremony took place in Palos Verdes and the reception in Redondo Beach. Here are some of our favorite images:

You can't pose or set up someone to have real emotions for a shot like the image below. This is probably my all time favorite shot :)

I know how much Stacy wanted photos of Ryan opening his gift, so here you go!

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Hope said...

The bride getting dressed photo - priceless! Totally captures the giddyness and excitement of getting ready. She has such a bright smile, I love it!

I also like the groom's reaction to the b-pix book. You can tell he was shocked, amazed and enamored of her even more.

Kim said...

Natlie & Art!! You two are quite a team! The photo's are amazing! They gave me goose bumps, it is SO much fun to get a sneak peak and have fun remembering what a great day!! Thanks again!! Your so very talented and the photo's are just......incredible!! SO FUN! ~kim..aka.. the one who felt the need to do a rock jester in a bridesmaids a photo....

Jenna K. said...

These wedding photos are fabulous! What an incredible glimpse of a truly magnificent day. These images are so natural and do not have that traditional "posed" look about them. All our love to the new couple

Jenna & Jeff

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