Monday, June 15, 2009

The Lakers - NBA Champions!

As some of you already know, Art and I love the Lakers. I don't mean we love the Lakers in the "we saw that they were doing well last year, lets jump on the bandwagon" way. Although, I do have to say, I did jump on the bandwagon the year Kobe and Derek won their first championship. I think Art and I were about 15 back then and Art was already into the Lakers. He was always watching the games, so much so that he got me into them. We would to talk on the phone and watch the game together. I eventually learned that talking to Art, or any guy, while the game is on is not a good idea. I'm sure he only listened to 1/3 of whatever I talked about :P Nowadays, I am the same way. Don't expect for me to hear you if I am watching a Lakers game. Yesterday was definitely one of those days when I completely tuned everything, but the game, out.

As you can imagine from the many posts I've posted about the Lakers since I started my blog, I had to post about their big win! I must have screamed for 5 minutes straight when they won! To think that a year ago I was feeling this way. I still can't believe that the Lakers are the new NBA Champions! Goooooooo Lakers! There were times during the playoff series that I would get extremely nervous, but I think those tough games helped make the Lakers even stronger for the finals. It was a great season with a perfect ending!

The many faces of celebration :)

The face of embarrassment when you get caught on camera celebrating :P

After the win and hearing the Lakers talk, we went out to celebrate in Downtown LA. Yes, we were some of the crazy people out screaming and honking. Thankfully, where we were at, nothing crazy happened. It was just a bunch of Laker fans having fun and celebrating.

Expect a few more posts about the Lakers. We plan on going to the Laker Parade and taking our cameras :) If anyone else out there is also going, let us know! We would love to meet up!
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Jackie said...

Yay Lakers!!!! I'm definitely going to Parade! See you there for sure!

Hope said...

How'd I know you'd be involved in the downtown celebrations last night? LOL Yay for your team winning and bigger YAY for basketball season being over!

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