Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am so sorry that I've neglected my blog!  There are about 6 or 7 weddings that need to blogged, but I have been extremely busy.  When I am not photographing a wedding or an engagement session, I am editing away!  Unfortunately that leaves me no choice but to neglect my blog just a little bit :/

I have so many things to blog about! Like I said, 6 or 7 weddings, a few engagement sessions, a family session, and some other stuff.  I promise that I will get to it very soon.

For now I will leave you with some teasers of a few portrait sessions that will be blogged soon!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party time!

After much planning by my cousin, she's getting married today! Of course, Art and I are super excited that we finally get to party at a wedding! :) I was up until very late last night finishing my matron of honor speech! I am all done now, thankfully!

I'll be back answering e-mails Monday. I'll also have eye candy for you. I know I have a few brides who will be using purple as one of their main colors, so I'll be sure to get extra detail shots for you or have someone take them since I don't think I'll have time to take photos this time :P

A photo of the bride with me  
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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Lakers - NBA Champions!

As some of you already know, Art and I love the Lakers. I don't mean we love the Lakers in the "we saw that they were doing well last year, lets jump on the bandwagon" way. Although, I do have to say, I did jump on the bandwagon the year Kobe and Derek won their first championship. I think Art and I were about 15 back then and Art was already into the Lakers. He was always watching the games, so much so that he got me into them. We would to talk on the phone and watch the game together. I eventually learned that talking to Art, or any guy, while the game is on is not a good idea. I'm sure he only listened to 1/3 of whatever I talked about :P Nowadays, I am the same way. Don't expect for me to hear you if I am watching a Lakers game. Yesterday was definitely one of those days when I completely tuned everything, but the game, out.

As you can imagine from the many posts I've posted about the Lakers since I started my blog, I had to post about their big win! I must have screamed for 5 minutes straight when they won! To think that a year ago I was feeling this way. I still can't believe that the Lakers are the new NBA Champions! Goooooooo Lakers! There were times during the playoff series that I would get extremely nervous, but I think those tough games helped make the Lakers even stronger for the finals. It was a great season with a perfect ending!

The many faces of celebration :)

The face of embarrassment when you get caught on camera celebrating :P

After the win and hearing the Lakers talk, we went out to celebrate in Downtown LA. Yes, we were some of the crazy people out screaming and honking. Thankfully, where we were at, nothing crazy happened. It was just a bunch of Laker fans having fun and celebrating.

Expect a few more posts about the Lakers. We plan on going to the Laker Parade and taking our cameras :) If anyone else out there is also going, let us know! We would love to meet up!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Lakers!

Since the Lakers are playing today, I thought this would be the perfect photo to post! Go Lakers!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Carina & Jeff ~ Married!

Eucalyptus Lane
Ventura, California

Carina and Jeff's wedding was beautiful. I was in detail heaven! You see, Carina is a wedding coordinator so you know she put a lot of thought into every single detail! I seriously had trouble deciding what images to use for the blog because I have so many favorite images!

Carina and Jeff made our job extremely easy. They are a fabulous couple! Other than meeting them at our initial meeting, we did not really get to know each other before the wedding. On the day of their wedding, though, it was like we were old friends. Carina is a sweet, beautiful, creative (lets not for get that!) woman. Jeff is a down to earth, chivalrous, funny (can't forget that!) man. You put them together and the are simply amazing!

Carina & Jeff: Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for being so inviting. Thank you for loving our work :) As you know, I love details :P When I walked into your venue and saw all the beautiful details, you immediately made my day. No, you made my month! As the day progressed and we got to know you and your family better, you made my wedding season!

Here are just a handful of our favorite images:

I had to show you Carina's shoes and the dress her mom made for her!

While I was getting this shot...

Art was getting this shot. I love working with my husband!

Can you believe that Carina handmade all the boutonnieres and hair clips hanging from the branches?! Attached to each favor was an envelope with the person's name and place card with their table number. How cute is that?!

What do you think Jeff was saying?
1. "Take a picture of the hand, 'cause the face ain't having it."
2. "Oh hell no, it's you again?"
3. "Bye Nat & Art, have a safe drive."

I would like to think it was the latter. :P

Carina & Jeff: I hope you enjoyed looking through these images. I'll talk to you soon! XOXO, Nat

Vendor Info:

Event Design, Planning and Coordination: Carina, of course! Tealight Weddings - Now that you've seen what she did all on her own for her wedding, you need to check out her website!

Makeup: Tanya Bures - If you are looking for a Makeup Artist, check out Tanya. I was there while she was doing Carina's makeup. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, she has an awesome personality. She was very calm and talkative while doing Carina's makeup, which is awesome because that's what most brides need while getting ready!

Venue: Eucalyptus Lane, Ventura, CA / Rod Houck Presents - Gorgeous location

Catering: Command Performance - Delicious food!

Florals: A Beautiful Day Productions
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Michelle & Steve ~ Sneak Peek

I love this image! It's going on the website :)

We're still having issues with our e-mails. Please continue to send e-mails to natlemus@yahoo.com. Also, if you have not heard back from me, please resend any e-mail you've sent me the past couple of days, just incase. Also, if you've sent an inquiry through the page on my website, please e-mail me at natlemus@yahoo.com. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E-mail server down

At the moment I am not receiving e-mails through info@natalylemus.com. If you need to contact me or you've e-mailed me within the last 24 hours, please e-mail me at natlemus@yahoo.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will let you know as soon as this issue is resolved.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Jazmin & Danny ~ Married!

Clarke Estate
Santa Fe Springs, California

Jazmin & Danny's wedding was a few weeks ago at the Clarke Estate. Check out some of our favorite images:

I love Jazmin's shoes!

I could not decide between regular black & white

or with a little bit of added noise. What do you think?

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