Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Theresa & Chris ~ Married! {Part 1 of 3}

Theresa and Chris have waited so patiently for their teasers that I have to give them a mega post. Not only that, but I will also break up the teasers into three different entries.

This entry has only candid images. You know, it's been a while since I actually felt the freedom of just doing my thing. I love journalistic photography and for a while it seemed that either couples were more into getting formal images, posed images or anything but journalistic. I don't think there is anything wrong with family portraits or posed images, but it feels really good to just focus on getting real moments, real emotions, real smiles, real tears, you get me? So that is why I decided to start the first part of Theresa & Chris' images with candids.

I hope you enjoy!

I got this shot while Chris talked to Art. I don't know what they were talking about, but I love Chris' reaction :)

The first dance

Tears of joy after Theresa's sister gave her toast

Afterwards it was all laughter

Guess who the joke was about :P

I'll leave you with my favorite candid. I love how they're dancing in between a lot of couples, but by Theresa's expression, you would think it's only the two of them. I bet that's how they felt! <3

I'll throw in the black & white because I love it so much!

Part 2 will be details because they had a lot of them! Part 3 will be portraits of Theresa and Chris because they look so good together :)

Before I get to Part 2 & 3, I will blog Priscila & Nick's wedding, though! Another awesome couple!
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Regina White said...

I have been missin your blog post. Yay! for getting more photos into this one. Beautiful! Just awesome! What a georgeous bride too! Can't wait for more.

Meli said...

I Absolutley L.O.V.E Candids!! And you Rocked it! She is Beautiful! Can't wait for part 2 & 3 =)

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Love that last shot that is your fav, just gorgeous!

ohana photographers -david and kimi said...

naty these are gorgeous!!! love the last dance shot!!

Liz said...

You did a Great job capturing the moment!!! I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous wedding!! do u know where the bride got her veil? Its amazing!

Jessi said...

Hey Nataly,
It's been a while since I've visited the blog....and I puffy heart LOVE these shots. I love that you want to shoot candids...the raw emotion that you captured here is really amazing. I adore the reaction shots during the toasts, looks like an amazing wedding.

Hope all is well with you and Art! Thinking of you..and seeing you soon!!! :)


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