Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nicole & Kyle ~ Engaged

"We'll do anything you want us to do." When Kyle and Nicole said those words to us, Art and I knew we were about to have one of the best engagement session ever! We were right :) Not only did Kyle and Nicole explore Topanga Canyon with us, they also sat on dirt, laid on grass full of little critters, ran through itchy grass, climbed on trees (this was totally their cool idea), hiked up many, many hills. Lets just say they did everything we asked of them and more!

We love it when couples have complete trust in us and just let our creative juices flow. I really can't ask for more.

Nicole & Kyle: Thank you so much for letting us do our thing! We loved exploring Topanga Canyon and finding the perfect spots and light :) All the bug bites were definitely worth it :P

Here are some of our favorite images:

Kyle really wanted a photo on a tree. Before we knew it he had climbed up a tree!

Here are two similar shots, but one was taken by me and the other one is Art's. I love how similar they are, yet very different.

My shot

Art's shot

Nicole asked to take a photo of us. We, of course, said yes!

Do we look tired? This photo was taken after approximately 3 hours of walking.

This is a cute photo Nicole got of Kyle hauling their backpack and some of our gear while Nicole took our photo. Don't they make a good team?!
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johnwaire said...

really dig the rim lighting you were able to catch on the second photo.

great session. sounds like a tiring one based on all of the hiking :)

...who said photography wasn't a work-out!

gee gee said...

the colors, the colors, the clors! all the images are beautiful, very sharp and vibrant!

daisy said...

The barefoot shot and the second shot have a nice romantic feel! You can tell they love each other alot!

ohana photographers - david , kim & april said...

222222222222222222222 is bomb sauce!! really knocked this one out the park guys!! hope you and art have an awesome easter!

Anonymous said...

Where did you take these pictures? They are beautiful! My favorie are 2, 8, 14, and 15,

Sylvia Borgo Photography said...

Great shots guys! I lovvvvve the one of the groom-to-be in the tree with the gorgeous girl looking sassy! Perfect lighting!

Hope said...

I love the colors!! Gorgeous shots! Happy Easter!

SceneOne Photography said...

Love these. I like the ones in the tall grass best!

Steve said...

Great rim lighting on many of these, well done!

Angel said...

So beautiful as usual.

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