Thursday, April 23, 2009

Erica & Octavio ~ Married!

Yorba Linda, California

Erica and Octavio got married over a month ago. Their wedding was beautiful! It was full of red and gold details. I have to say it was one of the weddings that had the most family portraits, but it's okay because Art was there to help gather everyone. After the family portraits we walked around the Richard Nixon Library for a few minutes in which we were able to get a few shots of Octavio and Erica before having to head into the breathtaking ballroom! Everything looked amazing!

I'll start with one of my favorite images of the whole wedding.

Erica asked for this image, so I had to blog it!

The reception details:

Have I mentioned before that I love details? I'm sure I have! :P

I'll leave you with an image of the first dance:

I'm glad I was able to capture the dip!

There are many more posts coming up so please check back!
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Priscila said...

beautiful, beautiful!!!

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Wow those details are phenomenal!

gee gee said...

Wow wow wow! those details are beautiful and they way you captured them and displayed the on the board is exquisite!

Hope said...

This is straight out of a magazine! How stylish. Everything was so beautiful and perfectly matched. I'm in awe. The bride and groom looked so good and she has great taste in shoes. I remember her cute ones in her e-session. She needs to take me shoe-shopping LOL Wonderful work Nataly!

ohana photographers said...

gorgeous nataly!!! your details rock my face!!

Regina White said...

WOW! Flawless. This bride looks great. Your photos are so real. I love it!

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