Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lisa & Rick ~ Married!

First Lutheran Church of El Monte
Rococo Room - Cafe Santorini
Pasadena, California

Lisa & Rick hired me over a year ago. Many, many weddings passed before their day finally came. Actually, many, many months passed before I even met Lisa in person! They don't live in California so we did everything through the beautiful world of the internet. When we finally met, I knew Lisa was fabulous! I met her right around my birthday so she brought along a yummy gift to satisfy my sweet tooth! MmmmmmHmmmmmm. It was good!

Art and I really enjoyed their wedding! They had a small intimate ceremony and reception. Everything went as planned. We got to walk around Pasadena and got some nice street shots. Their reception venue was also great! If you are considering the Rococo Room, I say go for it. From what I saw they are really attentive and the venue is perfect for a small wedding. The food was delicious as well :)

Now, on to the eye candy!

Lisa & Rick decided to see each other before the ceremony

I got this shot while Art got the one under it

This is why I love having Art as my partner in photography! Even though we were photographing the exact same thing, we both had our own vision. I love, love, love what he came up with! What I like best is that Lisa & Rick did not notice when Art was taking this shot.

I had to include the color version!

Do you like this one?

Or do you like this one better?

You know I love details!

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Lisa said...

Yay orange shoe shots!! I love them all, thank you so much Nataly! :D

Melissa McClure Photography said...

So fun! I shot a wedding at the Rococo Room last October! Beautiful shots Nat! Love the brick walls

gee gee said...

The crossing the street is beautiful! I love all the details. The shot of both them seating looks like it belongs is a bridal mag. You and Art really do make a good team. Both of your pics are beautiful!

rowena said...

I like the first version of the picture you posted twice.
This is eye candy alright, great shots, and very nice color processing! See you soon!

Hope said...

I agree with Rowena. I also like the first version of the picture you posted twice (take note!) and I adore your detail collage. Gorgeous! If I was the Rococco, I'd pay for that pic to use for wedding promo. Welcome back from your mini blog break :D

AHS Photography said...


Danielle Murphy said...

Beautiful photos Nataly you are a very talented photographer.

Angel said...

Gorgeous photos, some serious eye candy! I really like the second of the two you asked about.

jeret slack said...

Your details always rock. I love your stuff. Blows me away!!!

Amy Clifton said...

Beautiful! I like the 2nd one of the image you posted twice. :-)

Melistar said...

I <3 them all =) you never dissapoint =)

DanG said...

beautiful shots -- really like your color in these.

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