Sunday, January 18, 2009

Need suggestions

As I mentioned before, my cousin is getting married in a few months. They are trying to decide where to go for their honeymoon. As of now it seems like they might go to the Dominican Republic. Has anyone been there that can give us their review?

Any other suggestions are also welcome :)

I have to post an image with this post, so for the last hour I was going through my e-mails looking for images from our honeymoon. I didn't want to upload them to the new computer, but I ended up taking a longer time to find them in my sent e-mails. I guess it would help if I did not have like 100 e-mail addresses!

Art and I went to Bora Bora and Moorea for our honeymoon and we loved it! We already gave my cousin our review on those two locations.

Here is a photo of us! Wow, I can't believe that was over 2 years ago! Sorry for the small image, but, like I said, it came from one of my saved sent e-mails.

We look tired!! It also sucked that we had to keep taking self portraits. We should have hired a photographer :p

Anyway, if you've been to the Dominican Republic or have any other suggestions for my sousin, leave a comment :)


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gee gee said...

Dominican Republic is a beautiful place. it really is paradise. I have some pics I can e-mail you to show your cousin.

Angel said...

Dominican is awesome. I recommend Puerto Plata. It's not the carribbean side of the island but it is just as lovely. The people there are awesome and Bahia Principe (the resort) was amazing.

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