Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little shaky...

Did you feel the small earthquake a few hours ago? I was editing when I felt my chair move back and forth lightly. It was not strong at all so I thought I imagined it. Well, I turn around to look at Art and he tells me, "did you feel the earthquake?" That was all he had to say! I jumped out of my chair and landed on the couch right next to him!

The only big earthquake I've experienced was the Northridge earthquake back in the early 90's. I pretty much slept through it, though! My dad had to carry me to the living room. I was already like 9 or 10 being carried by my dad! So embarrassing! So even though I have experienced my share of small earthquakes, I will never get used to it! I will always be a big wimp. Always!

Well, I have to go back to editing. If I finish on time, I will blog the e-session tonight. If not, I promise it will be blogged tomorrow for your viewing pleasure!
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kat miller-evidente said...

I felt it too! scared me a little.

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