Friday, January 9, 2009

Beverly Hills Engagment Session

Beverly Hills, California

Jessi and Adam are the sweetest couple I know. I know I always say "this couple is the sweetest." In all honesty, I am very lucky to have such sweet and wonderful clients! What makes Jessi and Adam the sweetest? First off, they brought us some delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cookies! (I want the recipe!) If you know me well, you know Reese's chocolates are my favorite. Forget all those expensive chocolates, give me a pack of Reese's and you've won a place in my heart! Jessi went above and beyond by giving me cookies made with Reese's cups! Can you tell I can go on and on when it comes to chocolate :p

Back to Jessi and Adam! I met them when I was shooting this wedding last July. Even though Jessi did not know us, she was very sweet, talkative, friendly...I could really keep going! Fast forward to a few months after, I get an e-mail from Jessi asking if I remember her, she reminded me she was the one playing air guitar on the dance floor! How can one forget that :) I was super excited when I read she was getting married and was inquiring with us regarding availability! She told me she was getting ready to book her venue and wanted to know if I had any of the 4 dates they were debating on available. Out of 4, I only had one date available. I was bummed thinking that they might have to go with someone else if they had to choose another date. You must imagine how excited I was when I get an e-mail saying that I helped them decide on a date! Are you kidding me? I never thought I could be a deciding factor on someone choosing a date! Feels good! :)

So as you can tell this couple is super special to us! They really rock! They also rocked the camera a few weeks ago. Here are some of our favorite images:

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lroah said...

You are just so good - love this shoot.

Regina said...

WOW! These are great! So colorful. I know I have asked you this before but they are crisp. What am I lacking? =)

gee gee said...

Nat the pics are beautiful! I love the color and clarity of the pics. I always tell you that you do beautiful work.

daisy said...

Nataly these are divine! They look like the belong in a magazine!

Marlin Munoz said...

Love this session! Your colors are so amazing!

kristin said...

These are so fun and colorful! What a stunning couple!

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