Thursday, January 29, 2009

Erica & Octavio ~ Engaged!

What a day we had for Erica and Octavio's engagement session! We pretty much were given the evil eye at the Grove and asked not to take photos there and we were kicked out of Beverly Hills! Nothing like this had ever happened to us! However, even with all that, we got some awesome images!

Erica was a bit nervous, but she made friends with the camera towards the end. Octavio, on the other hand, had no problem in front of the camera. That's one of the many things I love about e-sessions, I get to find out if one of the two is camera shy, what they are comfortable with, what makes them smile, and I get to know them more in depth.

Erica & Octavio: Thank you for waiting so patiently for your teasers :) You guys were so fun to be around. I can't wait for your wedding, which I know is going to be beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorite images:

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Hope said...

Boo 90210 and the Grove! I don't get why they kicked you out. You were clearly taking pics of 2 people so it's not like you were trying to hurt the buildings or trying to get a shot to sell to TMZ! lol You still managed to get some beautiful shots though. :D

daisy said...

Beaautiful imahes. I like the elegant feel they have. Beautiful like always.

jeret slack said...

Man I always love your stuff Nataly... Awesome

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