Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bride Wars

Have any of my blog readers seen Bride Wars? I read a few bad reviews so I am not too sure if I will go see it. I really wanted to take my cousin, Steph, who will be getting married in a few months, and the rest of the bridesmaids to see this movie. You know, I'm trying to be a good Co-Maid of Honor ;)

After reading this review, I had my doubts about going. If anyone has seen it, let me know what you think. Should we go or not?

I must admit, I also want to see it just because I still love wedding movies! It was not that long ago that Art and I were planning our wedding *sigh* Even though I did enjoy the planning process, I love being married a lot more :)

Anyway, let me know what you thought about the movie. We will go dress shopping with my cousin so I thought it would be fun to go see Bride Wars afterward. Someone please chime in with your thoughts! Should we go see it? Yay or nay?
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Melistar said...

Before going to watch it, i read a couple of BAD reviews too. BUT, Deep down, I knew I was going to go watch it Bad reviews or not. I really enjoyed it =) Shhh.. even Fi;) I say, Go have a great time dress shopping & Movie time after.

courtney said...

I saw it yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! It was funny and at the same time pulled at my heartsrings a little :) I definitely think you should see it.

rowena said...

I was going to see it with my girls then read the reviews and I decided they didn't need to see it. Although I might still see it with a girl friend... you know, to screen it for my girls. lol.

Anonymous said...

this movie was go good. i really laughed and kinda brought me to tears. i saw it with my sister, she is getting married in sept.

Anonymous said...

Went to see it with my GF's and we all loved it. Definitely go watch it.

Anonymous said...

I heard bad reviews too, but I ended up watching it..twice. Once with my Sister in law to be, and then with my M.o.h.. Sometimes you just need a feel good chick flick. :)

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