Monday, January 19, 2009

Before & After

Once in a while I get questions from other photographers asking how do I get the colors I do and how do I get the images to look so sharp.

Honestly, I don't do much to most images. I usually just boost the contrast and use an action I created for my images for sharpening.

Here is a before & after example:

Straight from the camera, except for resizing

Adjusted brightness with curves, boosted contrast and saturation, and at the very end I ran my sharpening action. That's it!

I also like to use Kevin Kubota's Magic Sharp action for sharpening.

I hope this was helpful to some :) I love to see before & after posts. It's so cool to be able to see how a photographer decides to edit a particular image.

If you want me to keep posting these, just let me know :)
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Lucia Photography said...

Yes! I love the before and after tips..

Regina said...

Perfect! I know I am one to ask you this QUESTION over and over again!
Thanks for the info!

gee gee said...

Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

yes, keep them coming!what program do you use to edit photos?

Amy Clifton said...

I'm waaaaay behind on reading your blog, so I'm just getting to see this. YAY--thanks for the info! Def. keep these posts coming. Do you do anything to soften and smooth the skin? Or is that in curves? Love the before and after. Again, thanks!

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