Monday, December 15, 2008

The Americana Engagement Session

Glendale, California
The Americana at Brand

Melissa and Miguel had the awesome idea of doing their e-session at the Americana. Art and I had never been there before so we were looking forward to a new location for an e-session.

We enjoyed finding perfect spots to get some great shots. We pretty much went all over the place when we were approached by security! They told us we needed a permit to shoot there and that we might not be able to get it. Thankfully we were pretty much done! :) We headed across the street and got a few more images and were good to go.

Melissa & Miguel: You guys are awesome! I enjoyed getting to know you both. You guys are so down to earth and sweet, You guys rock :)

Here are some of our faves:

We started off at the theater

These next two shots are really, really cute! As I was taking these shots a huge group of teenagers were passing by and whistling, clapping, and cheering Melissa and Miguel on! Miguel seemed to get a listtle self concious and Melissa just laughed it off :)

This is possibly my favorite e-session image ever!

Melissa said that they are always taking self portraits, so they wanted a photo of them doing just that. Now they'll have some awesome images that are not self-portraits :)

Since Melissa and Miguel's initials are M & M, they brought M&M's for their ring shot. I love the colors Melissa chose ;) They match my blog!

I am getting used to including action shots of either Art, me or both. What do you think, keep posting them?

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Regina said...

Love em too! Keep posting the shots of you both shooting . Give me more inspiration and an idea how you got that shot!

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Yes! Love the shots of you and Art in action!

I absolutely adore the two of them sitting in the street. Everything about those images are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Nataly, I love your blog and all the photos. Thank you for sharing and I will try to visit more often. I found you as I was visiting my sister's blog:

I love that you let everyone know how much you love your husband. I love the letter you wrote your mom (RIP)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Visit our webpage at:

p/s: I don't have a blog so that is why I use "anonymous"!

Eight20 Photography said...

Nataly, these are fantastic!! Keep up the good work :) Hope to see you soon!

daisy d said...

I love the pics of them sitting on the ground. Also the black and white were she's sitting on the grouns. They are all great. She's really pretty!

Final score 2 boys and 1 angel said...

Hi Nataly!
I was the one who sent you the email about your laptop. I have you as my "favorite readings" on my blog. and See, now my sis will also visit your blog as well!
I love reading your blog!

take care.

Hope said...

I love the action shots too! It gives us a little "behind-the-scenes" look and shows how you get the shot. I can't wait to meet you guys soon! Happy Holidays!

AHS Photography said...


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