Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I know, I know...

I am still neglecting my blog :( I have been non-stop editing, I promise! That and shooting e-sessions, family sessions, and going to client meetings. I also prepared a few more sample albums, which took longer than expected. It's so worth it, though! I'll blog them as soon as I get them :)

It's been a very busy month, as you can see. I even had to do most of my Christmas shopping online. Unlike many people, I love to go into crowded shopping malls and wait in line to buy the perfect gift. I know...I'm weird!

One thing I did set some time aside for was decorating our Christmas tree. Last year Art chose the theme for our very first tree, which was red and gold. Nice. I really wanted a super colorful, over the top tree, though. I agreed to do the red and gold, but I told him that this year I was going to decorate the tree as colorful as possible. Mission accomplished. In fact, I think I went a little overboard :P I LOVE IT!!! lol Pictures coming soon, I promise!

I don't want to leave you without any images, so here are two teasers from an e-session I will be blogging soon:

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