Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

Rancho Las Lomas
Silverado, California

This is an awesome wedding to post as my last for the year! Morgan and Nick got married in a beautiful location surrounded by their awesome family and friends. Speaking about their friends and family, I have never seen such a big group that was so friendly with the camera! They all made my job eeeeeeeeeasy!

I edited a lot of photos for the blog for two reason, 1) Morgan and Nick waited for these teasers very patiently (thanks you guys!) 2) Morgan's dad told Art that during Morgan and Nick's rehearsal both sets of parents found out that they had something in common. What is that? Both of them did not get their photos from their wedding from their photographer. That sucks! So I just wanted them to see that photographers are nice :)

Here are favorite images from Morgan and Nick's wedding:

The beautiful bride :)

Morgan and Nick asked for this image because they saw a similar image as a sample

but we also wanted to put some of our style in it.

You guys know how sometimes I have a hard time choosing between color or b&w images, right? Well, here are a few I could not choose just color or just b&w

There's something really romantic about this one that I like

Party time!

Mother-Son dance

Morgan's Father-Daughter dance started off like most

but it quickly became the BEST father-daughter dance!!! Ever!

Now, I leave you with the party people that totally loved the camera :)

On another note, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving Day. I actually sprained my ankle...AGAIN! I did get to enjoy Thanksgiving Day, though. Until I get a little better Art will be replying to some of the e-mails (sorry for the delay) and returning phone calls. What a sweet husband!

On ANOTHER note, my laptop (the one I use to edit my blog images) died :( Out of nowhere it did not turn on. So, if anyone knows of a good place to take it and try to revive it, e-mail me. I am severely attached to my laptop and although I could just get another one, I want this one :(

As soon as I feel better I will start a blog marathon, I promise :)
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ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

ok that father daughter dance is awesome!!! love love love that yummy dress shot nataly!! hope you and art had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Melissa McClure Photography said...

wow she is a stunning bride! I love the clean crisp feel of these images Nat!

Sorry you hurt your ankle again :( Get some rest!

AHS Photography said...

These are absolutely stunning!!!

Jenmbraun said...

OMG NAT! She's beautiful! And the pictures are stunning!!!! Great job!

Amy Clifton said...

Aw, that "romantic" shot IS really special--very old-Hollywood glamour...

Regina said...

STUNNING! These are great! I so love the dress...She is a beauty of a bride.

gee gee said...

Wow! Amazing work Nat! Cool father/daughter dance!

Hope said...

What a way to end the year. These are awesome pictures and the couple is gorgeous (I'm sure that makes your job so much easier!) I love those romantic shots. *sigh* You guys are so talented.

jennifer said...

looks like a fun wedding. love the second father/daughter picture. i can only imagine what moves they busted out. get better.

rowena said...

first black and white i likey for sure. 2nd with them walking away is a toss up, love both b&w and color. beautiful images... did you have to get rid of some spidey webs from the phone booth? lol

ELisa said...

Hi there...just wanted to tell you that I love your work! I too have the WORST time trying to choose between b&w and color so I totally feel your pain...I'm just gald that I'm not the only one who posts them both ways! :)
<3 ELisa

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