Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emily & Colin ~ Married!

Glendale, California

This post is long overdue! I want to thank Emily and Colin for being so patient :)

I won't have you guys wait any longer!

Emily and Colin had a night ceremony so we took their photos before the ceremony.

I would like to take the credit for making Emily and Colin laugh this hard, but it was all Art :/

Emily and Colin's first dance

For those of you who read my blog, you know how much I adore the Father-Daughter dance...well, with Emily and her dad's dance I had a hard time choosing what image to post so I am posting a few :)

Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of images, this is Art's favorite:

I think it's because it was a fun moment between Emily and her mom in full swing. You can really tell from Emily's facial expression that they were going pretty fast :)

Speaking about Art, here is a series of funny images of my dear husband :) They make me smile from ear to ear :)

I caught Art looking at Emily's bouquet like it weighed a ton...well, it really was heavy so for some photos she did not use it! Then he caught me taking a photo of him. After I started teasing him, he started acting silly :P

Art is not only the other photographer for Nataly Lemus Photography, but he is also the one who helps me out with anything and everything and at times even holds a bouquet...or two. I love him for that and much more! I have no idea what I would do without him! Psst...I also help him when he's the one getting a shot.


On another note, I have two more weddings (for now) to blog and an engagement session so I will try and post them soon!

I just have one more wedding and two engagement sessions this year before I am done for the year and I can take a mini vacation :) Woot woot!!!!!!
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Melissa McClure Photography said...

I adore the dancing shots! And the ones of Art are classic! :)

Daisy said...

I am in love with her bouquet! Nataly you always take beautiful pics.

Brandi said...

Beautiful job Nataly! Classic and beautiful wedding.

rowena said...

Well they are worth waiting for, just gorgeous!

gee gee said...

I always tell you this but I will tell you again! Your colors are so bright and vivid! Love them all!
Art's pictures are so funny, it must be nice to work with your husband. Looks like fun! Kudos to him for helping you and the bride out with the heavy bouquet!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

the bouquet shot is gorgeous, yes the one with art!! haha! loving your details and the forehead kiss!

AHS Photography said...

you are so awesome, all the time!!

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Great wedding!

Haha Art, you look awesome... are you going for modeling next?


Kari said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your Photos! You have some talent. :-)

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