Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Typical Nat & Art!

My cousin e-mailed me some images from my b-day. As soon as we saw the image below, Art and I started laughing! It's completely US :P I'm usually the one whiling out and Art is the one that will always find me totally amusing...I mean amazing ;-)

I was rockin' out to Girls Just Want to Have Fun." I was really feeling that song! lol

Here are some other photos from my b-day (better late than never):

My cousins and yours truly :) Oh, and Art off to the side :P

Art also knows how to rock out!

There's a cute story behind the paper crown I am wearing in the photo below (I know, it's blurry!). My cousin, who is a Pre-K teacher, had her morning class call me on my cell and sing happy birthday. That was so cute and unexpected...I loved it! Afterwards she had them make a paper crown for me. Her classroom is filled with 4 year old kids. My cousin asked them how old did they think I was turning and one of the kids said, "well, we called her on her cell phone so she has to be 5!" I thought that was soooooooo cute! So that is why the crown has the number 5 on it :)

I know it has been over a month since my birthday, but, like I said, better late than never :)
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courtney said...

aw! happy belated birthday :)
Thanks for sharing these fun pics. I love the last one with the crown and cupcake. I SOOOO want a cupcake right now. haha

Jackie said...

you guys are too cute!

Regina White said...

OMG that crown is cute and how cute of them to think you were 5! Looks like you had a blast.

Melistar said...

How Fun!! Kids can seriously brighten anyones day :o) very Cute..

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

that cupcake shot is way too cute! glad you all had fun!!

leo and kat evidente said...

belated happy 5th bday nat!!

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