Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm back!

Well, I didn't really go anywhere! I've been editing, shooting e-sessions (will be blogged soon!), editing, meeting with potential clients, shooting weddings, editing. I think I have been doing more than I can handle...or, actually, more than my body can handle! I got SUPER sick on Thursday night. On Friday I could barely get up from the bed, but my wonderful husband nursed me back to health and on Saturday I was MUCH better!

Good things because I had tons of energy for our wedding on Saturday! Here is a teaser from yesterday's wedding:

Many more images coming soon!
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Amy Clifton said...

a-MAZ-ing color in this image! Can't wait to see the rest. Do we ever get to hear your secrets for such great color? :-D

Melistar said...

Can't Wait to see More :o)
Hope you are feeling better..

gee gee said...

beautiful bride! beautiful colors! beautiful pic!

Jessi said...

So happy to see that you're back and feeling better. I was starting to worry about where you went! Take care of yourself...

Great pic...her eyes are amazing, and you captured it wonderfully!

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