Friday, October 31, 2008

Annette & Mondie ~ Engaged!

Venice Beach, California

Annette and Mondie are getting married in early 2009 and I can't wait for their wedding! They are an awesome couple. They remind me a lot of our friends and I can really see them as friends. They are really laid back and easy to talk to. Throughout their engagement session they were willing to walk all over Venice Beach. Although, I do think I burned out poor Mondie!

Here are some of my fave images (I know Annette was waiting to see these very patiently : ) )

I could not choose between color and b&w

I love the warmth of this shot. It was a few minutes before sunset so we got the nice, warm color.

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rowena said...

The light sure looked perfect that day! Good job!

gee gee said...

I like the pick where they're sitting on the ground. The first one is really cool, great way of using your surroundings.

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