Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Party time!

I will be celebrating my birthday this WHOLE week :) Friday is THE day, though!

Art started the week off with a birthday present that only he (or my Dad) would think of giving me...a Disney movie! I have a serious collection of Disney movies. Should "serious" and "Disney movies" even be in the same sentence?

I can't wait until Friday! Nothing beats having my family and close friends under the same roof! As a bonus I will also have some dessert there! Or so I hope :)

Now I am off to edit!

Oh by the way, I am gearing up to do some serious blogging so stay tuned.
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gee gee said...

Girl we need some pics with posts :)

Art is a sweetheart! He gets a good husband award for thoughtful present!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

happy happy birthday nataly!!! september babies rule ;) have a blessed day!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday! I wish you the best birthday ever!

Kat Miller-Evidente said...


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